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South Africa WPT Trip DERAILED?!?!?! FMLLLL!

by Amanda Musumeci |  Published: Oct 09, '12

OMGGGG FMLLLL!!!! So, I'm supposed to be heading to South Africa this upcoming weekend. Today was supposed to be a laundry/pack/organize details day. As such, I have to book my flight out, and remembered about that little "you need to know where your passport is" detail.  I CANNOT FIND MINE!!!!!!  How have I waited till this last minute to locate my passport?! I'm an idiot :(

I travel around so much, and I always bring my passport with me just in case I lose my I.D. I've scoured my entire house. My darling mother has scoured my room at her house... and to no avail.
Maybe I left it somewhere?! Maybe it got thrown out somehow?!

As I sat stagnant at my dining room table trying to recollect where I may have put it/left it/lost it, my roomie makes a suggestion that may be one that you all out there are thinking to yourselves currently... just order one online with the fast overnight shipping. She mentions this to me and I feel immediate relief... because that is a scenario I can handle.

So I do about an hour of research, fill out several forms for lost/stolen passports, a renewal form, payment forms, etc etc. I come to the end of the filing process, and am asked to produce a copy of my birth certificate. Easy, right? Yea, not for me. Couldn't possibly be running any worse right now... my birth certificate was shoved into the sleeve of my passport cover. So yea.... don't have my birth certificate cause I'm that idiot who puts all her vital documents in the same place.

Have been doing a bit more research now about how to quickly get your birth certificate. Thanks to my mom for birthing me in the state with one of the longest wait times to receive such documentation, it will take 10-15 days to receive a birth certificate.... which means I miss WPT South Africa :(

I'm pretty much just sitting here in remorse currently at the loss of this amazing trip, feeling pretty dismal and out of options.

Updates to come....
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