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Thanks For Before... but Now I Need You Guys Again!!! Help!

by Amanda Musumeci |  Published: Nov 29, '12

Aside from actual poker play, I've had some other pretty awesome stuff happen for my career this month. I did what I've heard is one of my best and most intimate interviews this month. For those who may be interested who missed it:

Click HERE to listen to The Chirp Herm Show Ft. Host Mark Dipthrong Herm and Guest Amanda 'TheRealMander' Musumeci.

I've recently come to find that I've been officially invited to be a Shooting Star in the Bay101 Shooting Star Pro Bounty Event. This event looks like a ton of fun each year. For me to be put into such an elite group that comprise this Shooting Star roster is a huge honor. A big thanks to Matt Savage of WPT and also all my friends and supporters that showed support to get me voted in! The event will be held in early March, 2013. Can't wait to tear it up in San Jose!!

Just last night I also found out that I've had a few amazing nominations for achievement awards within the poker community. I need my friends, family, fans, followers, and whoever else to help me out! I've worked really hard this year and would love to even pull a better finish in than last year. I'd be ok with not winning in either catagory..just would love to see an improved stat compared to last years. Last year, I got 9.1% of the votes for Favorite Female over all 5 female nominees. Obviously my stats and achievements have changed over the course of this past year, and I'm so curious to see how that affects polls such as these.

Pretttty please take a sec to vote for me at these two voting polls:

 1) Bluff Magazine Reader's Choice Awards- I have been nominated for "Breakout Performer of The Year," and also for "Favorite Female Player." You can only vote once, so use it wisely ;)
To Vote in the 2013 Bluff Magazine Reader's Choice Awards, click HERE and then click on 'VOTE NOW'!

               2) On Tilt Radio's Tilty Awards- I have been nominate for "Best Female Player!" 
To Vote in the 2012 Tilty Awards, click HERE and then click on 'The Poker Nominees'

I'm just so beyond grateful for all that I have achieved in my career, and it means so much to me that the poker community notices! Honored, and hopeful for all great things to come. Thanks so much to everyone who votes for me!!!

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