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Crazy Summer and Lots More Fun to Come!!!

by Amanda Musumeci |  Published: Jul 31, '13

Wow it's been a crazy few months!

I know that a lot of my fellow poker players loathe the idea of being stuck in an expensive desert all summer. This year I was craving not only some distance from the issues at home, but also I couldn't wait to play cards again!!!

In the months leading up to WSOP, I had a lot going on with my family. It was very stressful on me, and required that I take time away from playing so to help tend to the issues at home. The end of Bay101 Shooting Stars(March) marked the last time I'd played cards. It wasn't until WSOP that I was able to find a valid reason to leave home to go do work! I was thankful. I really do love working. I love playing. I love interacting with people. I missed so much of it in my time at home. My days were spent tending to my elderly grandmother in her residence, and handling other issues that seemed to arise each day. Thankfully, her in-home caretaker is amazing and was able to tend to her continued care while I went to Vegas to play. I was sooo ready and amped to play, see my friends again, mix and mingle!

The summer started off ok. I still had a lot of family issues haunting me across phone lines stretching the span of the country. I was still running deep in events, and was able to stay focused. Some days, I'd receive a frantic phone call from a relative back at home, and I still found myself able to play well. Even more importantly, I was able to keep up with thinking positively! Each day at the tables, regardless of what was on my plate elsewhere, I found myself at peace... even happy. I'd reflect upon my own moments of candid laughter with my tablemates... and it gave me a sense of internalized know that I was able to smile, thoroughly enjoy life experiences and the people around me... despite all the noise in my personal on-goings. You know those moments when you pat yourself on the back for handling a situation better than you may have in the past... well, I was thankful to have had an experience that challenged me to grow and I'm thankful that I found it in myself to be a better "me" than I may have ever been before.

I wrapped up the summer with 7 in-the-money finishes, which imo is nothing to sneeze at. It's really tough to get through massive fields often across a spread of only 25-30 events. So I'm really grateful for the runs, even if I didn't quite break even this year. Historically, WSOP has been more than generous to me. They deserved a year off from paying me out heaps ;) But you can bet your bum that you'll see me there again. I'll be back with a vengeance next year!

Towards the end of the summer, I started hanging out with the lovely and amazing Maria Mayrinck(@Maridu). Becoming close friends with Maria was one of the biggest and best things I took away from Vegas this year. I feel so lucky to have met someone with such a big heart, and with so much zeal for life. Her presence was like a drug in my life. That sounds unhealthy lol. Let me try to explain/reword that. Well, with all that had been going on in my personal and family life, I really needed to have some fun. She was the perfect person to help provide that! I always trust and believe that the universe will put things on our path that we need... sometimes tough lessons we need to learn.... and sometimes people that we need to meet. I believe completely that I was meant to meet her and that we were meant to be good friends.

Ok, now for the less mushy stuff lol. We had a blast together!!! We have so many pics that I can't post them all. Over the course of a few weeks, I did more fun stuff than I've probably done all year. And it wasn't even necessarily the places we went.... cause a lot of it was low-key stuff like flea markets and KISS(the band!) minigolf... but the great company really made the experience!

As I was planning my drive back cross country, Maria and I decided to take a few days to hang out in Utah along the way. This was probably the best idea ever! We had a blast. We went climbing, rappelling through water falls, and kayaking in white water. It's true!!! We're tough chicks! We have the scrapes and bruises to prove it lol.

The drive back wasn't too bad. I had a lot to look forward to. My little sister is getting married soon, and her Bridal Shower (which I got to plan, as the Maid of Honor) was on July 27th. It was a lot of fun and turned out beautifully. I was so pleased!

Upon arriving home, a slew of new opportunities opened up for me. Looks like I have a fully booked August! I'm looking forward to continuing in my grind in the upcoming poker season. Is it weird that my poker calendar year begins after WSOP? WSOP is like new years eve in my world. I start fresh with a new plan each year at the close of the WSOP season.

This year is sure to be a great one. I plan on playing a ton. As many of you likely know, I only can plan a few months at a time. Here is what we have to look forward to this month:

I'll be starting off the "New Year" at my hometown casino. I like this setup because my grandmother lives right down the road... so I can easily play the Parx Big Stax series while still spending a lot of time with her. I'll be leaving in the middle of the series to head to Turning Stone in New York. Turning Stone is running a great event, a $1500 buyin(re-entry) 500k guarantee. Not only is this going to be a juicy event, but they're also going to have the TV cameras there! August 9th-12th!! Hopefully I'll see some of your shining faces out there! It's going to be a great one. Also, a huge plus at this venue is that anyone who is 18 years or older is able to play! Come and join me in the festivities

Check Out What Makes This Televised Event Different Than All The Rest HERE
Check Out The Full Schedule HERE

Next, we're off to The Borgata! Yayyyyyyyyy!!! Finally, back to the best place ever! But only for two nights :/ Meh. Well, that's ok. I'm always back there :) So this time around, they're running this really awesome and affordable charity event called, "Put A Bad Beat On Hunger." I think that for all the grinding we do to promote our own financial and self-wellness, we can take one day out of our lives to help promote the wellness of others! Charity really resonates with me, and I hope it does with all of you too. There is also some big incentive here! The folks that are sponsoring this event, The Cabot Creamery Cooperative, are also going to be giving away a FREE SEAT to the upcoming WPT Borgata Open $3500 Main Event(running this September). Please please pleaseee come join me for this one day $250+$30(entry fee)+$20(for charity) turbo event, held on August 18th at 11am! It'll be a party!!!

Check Out The Structure Sheet and More Information on The Sponsor, Cabot Creamery,  HERE

Almost immediately after Borgata ends, we're heading south to the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida. Yay! I like Florida, minus the humidity. I miss the days of perfect hair in the dry Las Vegas heat. But I love the mix of cultures that southern Florida has to offer. So get ready for some funny fro-y pics of me eatin Cuban foods yumssss :D The Seminole Hard Rock will be home of the largest guaranteed payout in the world, and outside of the World Series of Poker Main Event and the $1 million buy-in One Drop charity event this prize pool will be about three times more than any live poker event ever hosted in the United States. This is a MUST-PLAY event for any poker enthusiast; A chance to become an instant millionaire! Come and join in this historical $5300 buyin(re-entry), 10 MILLION GUARANTEED event beginning August 22nd!

Check Out The Tournament Schedule and Structure Sheets HERE

Aside from the poker play, I've also been thinking about maayyybe starting up my own podcast/poker show. I'm looking to come at it from a "poker lifestyle" prospective more-so than a strategy type of show. I'd love any input from you readers out there as to what type of poker show you would really love listening to! I need some ideas for a special angle that I can come from that would make my show different from what's already offered out there. Let me know any ideas, suggestions, or comments you may have. Feel free contact me directly HERE.

Thanks for the read and keep posted for all the fun updates from the road!!
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