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Dec 6 -13 Goals The Mental Game of Poker

by Matt Affleck |  Published: Dec 05, '12


Dec 6 -13 Goals
The Mental Game of Poker

I recently have been reading “The Mental Game of Poker”, by Jared Tendler. Im about 2/3 through the book right now and it is quite eye opening. It makes you realize just how important the mental game is in poker, no matter how strong you think yours is.

I am in town for exactly 7 days before I head out to San Diego for the end of the Circuit event down there. As usual for me I am going to set a goals list for the week to help me keep focus. I have some fun events this week such as Seahawks vs Cardinals game and UFC on Fox in Seattle, as well as catching up with friends, but I still plan on playing a decent amount of poker while in town.

  • Develop a poker warm-up plan and follow through with it before every session.
      • Any athlete or business professional before a big meeting has a routine they go through to get themselves prepared for the work ahead. Poker should be no different.
      • My routine will involve workout in gym, 30 minutes of video review, review of goals and mental game notes.
  • Focus on my mental game throughout the week.
      • There are a many new ideas, theories, and concepts that have been brought to my attention this week. While I don't plan, or is it possible, to have a perfect mental game in a week, just like poker I plan on working bit by bit to improving my mental game.
          • Finish the book
          • Go through the book a 2nd time and work through the excercises
  • Develop a “Cool Down” routine to objectively evaluate my mental and poker games.
  • 30 hours of live play in cash games.
  • 6 workouts this week.

Video of the week.

If you enjoy Hip Hop you check out Macklemoore, he is based out of Seattle and is getting popular quick. Any Seattle Mariners fan should notice the 3rd and last song from last season.