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September Goals

by Matt Affleck |  Published: Sep 09, '12


So much going on in Seattle lately that I am trying my best to get out and enjoy the nice weather while it lasts. Spent most of last weekend out and about. Saturday was spent all day preparing for and watching the University of Washington vs San Diego State home opener for college football. Monday I went to Bumbershoot which is one of the bigger music festivals of the year in Seattle. Saw two main acts M83 and Skrillex. Both were absolutely amazing.

Here are my goals that I wrote up for the month of September

$8,000 Profit in cash games this month.
       How – 40hours / week at my $50 / hour clip will get me to where I want to be.
       How – Exceed my goals. Play more than 40 hours.
       How – Take breaks throughout session to make sure I'm always playing my best.
       How – Take Dinner / Workout breaks to ensure mental focus
Have a successful Borgata trip
       How - Study tournament game hard for next week and a half before heading out there.
                   Cash games will be only focus after I bust tournaments.
                  Workouts and poker will be only activities in borgata
                   Stay focused and Game select well
                  Manage My Expenses
Continue to work on my poker game
                  how – Watch 30 mins of video before any session
                  Work on my PLO game more
                 Continue to work on my mixed games
                 Re read some over Elky's tournament books
                 Discuss hands with a few of the 3/5 regs that I respect

5 workouts / week minimum
         how – Upper Body
                    Lower Body
                    Kettle Bell
                   Beach Workout
My standard nutrition. Not a hard core diet, but eat healthy 80% of the time so I dont feel bad the other 20%. Make health conscious decisions.
Sample “diet that I normally use”
Breakfast – 3 egg whites w spinach peppers and feta cheese on whole wheat Pita
Snack – Protein fruit smoothie (peanut butter banana w/ vanilla protein yum yum)
Lunch – Turkey Sandwhich
Snack – Vanilla protein
Dinner – Salmon filet w veggies

Matt Affleck is a 24-year-old professional poker player living in Seattle, Washington. Follow his full blog and updates at You can also follow him on Twitter @McmattoPoker where he constantly updates about tournaments, motivation and being hustled by Matt Savage at golf.

Any views or opinions expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the ownership or management of
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