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August 20 - 26

by Matt Affleck |  Published: Sep 04, '12


August 20th - 26th (Note I do my weeks Monday – Sunday)
Cash Games
Hours – 18
Profit - ($1527)

Tournament -
$250 buyin 7th place for $1500 (193 runners).

Had a very rough last week to say the least in cash games. My records are missing 1 session I believe since I thought I lost $2500 in cash this week. Nothing seemed to go my way and unfortunately I did not record many hands in order to review my play. I really need to focus on this more. Every single spot that I have any doubt about I need to be recording and reviewing both during and after my sessions. I have taken a step by taking a orbit break every two hours or so to both write and look over hands.

Didn’t play many cash hours (again missing a session, prob closer to 25) as I took both Friday and Saturday off to regain some focus and take a short break. Friday was fun and we played 45 holes of golf. Was a super up and down day for me and ended up playing good 2 of the 5 9s (1 was a mess around where we played with 3 clubs. Shot a 42 on the first 9 and a 41 on the last 9 and played pretty shitty in between. I really like my swing right now, I just need to put in more time on the range to get more consistent with it. Seems like it is more 1 or 2 bad holes / round and great play otherwise.

I took Saturday off as well to go to 107.7 The Ends Summer Camp at MaryMore park. This was awesome with FUN. Headlining the concert. I found a new band, Walk The Moon, though that I had never heard of who are amazing. Here are a few of their songs