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August 20 - 26

by Matt Affleck |  Published: Sep 04, '12


August 20th - 26th (Note I do my weeks Monday – Sunday)
Cash Games
Hours – 18
Profit - ($1527)

Tournament -
$250 buyin 7th place for $1500 (193 runners).

Had a very rough last week to say the least in cash games. My records are missing 1 session I believe since I thought I lost $2500 in cash this week. Nothing seemed to go my way and unfortunately I did not record many hands in order to review my play. I really need to focus on this more. Every single spot that I have any doubt about I need to be recording and reviewing both during and after my sessions. I have taken a step by taking a orbit break every two hours or so to both write and look over hands.

Didn’t play many cash hours (again missing a session, prob closer to 25) as I took both Friday and Saturday off to regain some focus and take a short break. Friday was fun and we played 45 holes of golf. Was a super up and down day for me and ended up playing good 2 of the 5 9s (1 was a mess around where we played with 3 clubs. Shot a 42 on the first 9 and a 41 on the last 9 and played pretty shitty in between. I really like my swing right now, I just need to put in more time on the range to get more consistent with it. Seems like it is more 1 or 2 bad holes / round and great play otherwise.

I took Saturday off as well to go to 107.7 The Ends Summer Camp at MaryMore park. This was awesome with FUN. Headlining the concert. I found a new band, Walk The Moon, though that I had never heard of who are amazing. Here are a few of their songs

Came back Sunday fresh off of 2 days off and apparently it helped a lot. Tulalip had their end of the month tournament. $250 buyin with 193 runners. With about 30 people left I had around 350k of the 2.3 million in play which was almost 4 times the average stack. Went very card dead the final 2 tables and came into the final table 3/10 with around 20ish big blinds. Basically folded everything until I had a really good spot where UTG opened for 35k at 8.16k and I re shoved 250k with Aqhh and got snapped by Qjcc. Awesome spot for me and if I would have held I would of loved my chances to win the tournament as the play was awful. Unfortunately he turned a J and I was out for $1500. This did however saved my week from being a complete disaster.


Going to have a hand of the week every week. Just a hand I thought was interesting and made me think.
Reads – UTG1 very loose passive player.
BB – Brand new to table have never seen him before. Bought in $400. Assuming standard Loose passive 3/5 standard player


UTG 1 limps 5
Hero HJ – Raise $25
BB calls UTG1 Calls

FLOP 974ddc
both check to me. I bet $50.
BB Calls UTG1 Folds

Turn 6c
BB Checks
I check

River Jh
BB Checks

Preflop – Super Standard iso vs a loose passive opponent with a wide limping range.
Flop – This is a very close Cbet or Check Back. Still not sure if CBET is good here or not because most likely it will take 2 bullets to get them to fold. By cbetting i'm preparing my self to barrel any J K Q A.

Turn – This is probably the worst card in the deck for my to continue with a double barrel on. This card really hits the Villains check/calling range on the flop. 98,78,t8, all improve to either and Open ender with a pair or to a straight, 76 makes 2 pair, 86 picks of a pair. Basically now i'm going to put the villain on a ton of Pair + Str8 draws or pair + FD or FD + overs and he is basically never folding any of those in my opinion.

River – I was planning to value bet any KQ on the river or Bluff any A, although an A will improve some of his hands (Nut Flush Draws and Aces up). The Jh is super interesting cause it doesn’t really make any 2 pair combos besides J9 and doesn’t complete any of the straight draws. The pot is now $175 and unlike the turn I have the opportunity to take him off his pair + Str8 draw hands such has T9 and 98 now. This spot always comes up though because most people hate folding in this game. People are always curious and suspicious. Unfortunately like I said this player was brand new and I had no reads on him. IF I am to bet here I feel that I would need to bet on the bigger side, probably around $125 or so. FWIW I would value bet any J here. After talking to a couple of people it seems it is super close but I do feel I should be betting between $125-150 here on the river to fold out all his weak 1 pair hands.

Matt Affleck is a 24-year-old professional poker player living in Seattle, Washington. Follow his full blog and updates at You can also follow him on Twitter @McmattoPoker where he constantly updates about tournaments, motivation and being hustled by Matt Savage at golf.

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