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The Last 2 Weeks (day 28 i think)

by Matt Affleck |  Published: May 18, '11

The Final 2 Weeks

Day 28 I think

I have gotten a little (thats an understatement) lazy on updating this blog the last 2 weeks. Not much has changed though lately. My days have basically revolved around workouts with Bobby, grinding 5/10nl at tulalip and snoqualmie casinos, and playing golf to get ready for Savages golf tournament next week in Arizona. Im on a good pace to reach my goal to get under 210 by May 31st. Last saturday I weighed in at 214.5 after starting the goal at 223.5. I have 4.5 pounds to lose in the 2 weeks which if I focus and work hard should be fairly easy to achieve.

My diet has been fairly standardized as the following

breakfast – egg whites with turkey breast and other veggies in it.
Snack – protein shake
lunch – turkey sandwich with cottage cheese
snack – protein bar
Dinner – Chicken with salad
late night – protein shake

Gotten into a fairly consistent routine with the above meals. Currently eating 2 egg whites with artichoke hearts (really good) and sun dried tomatoes and a small bowl of special K cereal. I try to eat bigger breakfasts in the morning in order to fill me up throughout the day.

Poker has been up and down the last week and a half. I had one killer session where I lost 10k up at Tulalip. The 5/10 game there plays big and plays like a 10/25 later at night depending who is there and who is stuck with the straddles and blind raises etc. Other than that though I have come back strong and made about 4500 in my last 2 sessions since then and had 2 winning sessions before that. 

As for workouts, I have been working with Bobby consistently 5-6 days a week while I have been in town. The biggest and best workout we did was the 300 workout last Thursday. This is a grueling 300 rep workout including pullups, deadlifts, box jumps, floor wipers, pushups and dead clean and press. Basically you do 300 reps of these as fast as you can, same thing the actors from the movie 300 did, hence the name. I completed the workout in 33 minutes and 40 seconds which is not bad at all for my first time. 

Really excited today since I am driving up to Vancouver for game 2 of the NHL Western Conference Finals between the Canucks and Sharks! Going to go to the game with NeverScaredB Ben Wilfonsky, recent winner of EPT Berlin. Also plan to get a drink before the game with Greg Muller and Mike and Adam from the Twoplustwo Poker cast so should be a great time! Will only be my 2nd ever NHL game since we do not have a team here in Seattle, but I do follow the sport a little bit and have been rooting and following the Canucks throughout the playoffs. 

Matt Affleck is a 24-year-old professional poker player living in Seattle, Washington. Follow his full blog and updates at You can also follow him on Twitter @McmattoPoker where he constantly updates about tournaments, motivation and being hustled by Matt Savage at golf.

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