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by Matt Affleck |  Published: Jan 16, '12


The Comeback

The time has come. One my goals for 2012 is to restart my blog that I briefly began last year and had some mild success with. While I don’t have any specifics for the blog, I do plan to blog 1 time per week and hopefully give some of you an inside look at the life of a Professional Poker Player. Some things I hope to carry over form my old blog include Video of the week, Picture of the week, reports of my week in poker, and reports of my week in health and fitness.

This blog will recap January 9th - 15th (my weeks are Monday → Sunday)

This week was the 1st week of my 2012 diet. Basically I am going on a 35 day body cleanse before I head to LA for 1 month for the LAPC and Bay 101 (my first big live tournaments of 2012). During these 35 days I have a goal of losing 8 pounds and 1-2% body fat. Last Monday with my trainer (Bobby) I weighed in at 211. I cant remember the last time I weighed in under 200 pounds so that is a huge goal for me to see 199 on the scale. I peaked in weigh around 2010 at about 270.

My plan on how to achieve these goals are fairly simple. Cutting the basic bad things out of my diet. No alcohol (minus Superbowl), no obvious fatty foods, etc etc. My basic diet looks something like this

Breakfast – 3 egg whites with sun dried tomatoes and artichoke hearts / piece of fruit
Snack – Protein Shake
Lunch – Turkey Patty (Home made w/ ground turkey breast, and seasoning and spices
w. cottage cheese and salad
Snack - Protein Bar
Dinner – Chicken breast , brown rice, veggies
snack – protein shake

Nothing special in the diet, just clean cut. As for the gym aspect I have a fairly basic 6 day a week plan. 2 of the workouts (IMO the 2 hardest) will be done with Bobby, my personal trainer.

1- Chest / Back / Shoulders
2- Legs
3 – Arms
4 – Agility w/ bobby
5 – Full body w/ bobby
6 – core / cardio

So thats my 2012 opening diet I guess. I will keep you guys updated every week with the progress on that. This week went very well with no mishaps on the diet. I did miss my last 2 workouts of the week since I was very sick and did not have the energy to hit the gym


Now to the part of why most of you are reading my blog. Poker! 2011 was my first losing year in poker ever. I had 1 5 figure score all year in tournaments and had a horrible year in cash games. This was all my fault. I did not take the game seriously , I did not work on my game hard enough. I took the money for granted and did not play my best at all times.

I am using last year as the greatest motivation to have my best year yet in 2012. I am rebuilding, I blew a lot of money last year cause I played like shit. I have spent the last month in a ½ back in Seattle doing nothing but grinding the shit out of an awesome 3/5nl game at Tulalip. I have gotten rid of my ego, something that kills many poker players. I don’t care what people think if they see me grinding 3/5nl. This game is awesome and I am crushing the game. Since December 13th over 190 hours (yes I am playing a lot) im beating the game for $61/hour. Probably by far the biggest win rate in the game

Last week I played 40 hours in the game and profited $4129 for $105 / hour. Basically until February 13th when I go to LA I will keep grinding 40-50 hours a week in this game and keep on my workout schedule. Next week I plan on having a hand of the week for the blog.

Coming up this week I actually have some decent tournaments in Seattle. The Muckleshoot casino has their Winter Classic series Jan 20-22. A $300, $500, and $1000 tournament with $50,000 added over the 3 events. I plan on playing all 3 of these tournaments.

Poker Goals for 2012.

I wrote these down on Jan 1st and I guess I should write them on here. I am going to do everything in my power to accomplish these goals

  1. $200,000 profit for the year
  2. Be known as the biggest / best winner in 5/10 nl, PLO, Horse games etc in the Seattle area casinos where I play most my cash games.
  3. Become more proficient @ other forms of poker i.e. Horse / plo, triple draw / badugi etc
  4. Spend more time Studying the game (perhaps the most important)
  5. Start poker blog (YAY) and build my media image (website?) getting ready for potential sponsorship deals when / if online is legalized
  6. Major TV Final table / wsop ft / win a live tournament (have won 1 life time a $200)
  7. Have a work ethic equalized by no one.
  8. Focus more on the game while playing (reads etc)
  9. Start Coaching program.
Health goals
      1. Drop weight to 190
      2. Rebuild w/ muscle to 205
      3. Gym and diet
      4. Continue to workout with my trainer Bobby
So this blog got a little bit long. Like I said I hope to blog ATLEAST once per week. Hopefully Ill get into the plan of doing some strategy articles hand history reviews etc. Looking forward to another great week health wise and poker wise. Got 3 great tournaments this week so see if I can get year off to a great start.

Heres my Video of the week. Best UFC KNOCKOUT EVER! Just look how limb he goes. Out cold.

Please leave any comments or suggestions on what you would like to see in the blog. Also ideas for some strategy articles!
Talk to you all soon!

Matt Affleck is a 24-year-old professional poker player living in Seattle, Washington. Follow his full blog and updates at You can also follow him on Twitter @McmattoPoker where he constantly updates about tournaments, motivation and being hustled by Matt Savage at golf.

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