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No Days Off 7,8,9

by Matt Affleck |  Published: Apr 27, '11


No Days Off
day 7 8 9

Sorry for the Delays guys. I started this blog on Sunday but have been super busy playing here. Going to try and make it habit to write the blog for the previous day while I eat breakfast in the morning. Thus this blog wont have as much strategy / hand analysis as I would like.

Today (sunday) concluded my first week of my program and overall it was a decent success. I did not get in quite as many hours of poker as I wanted to, but I will for sure make sure I make up for that this week. My diet overall was excellent and I got into the gym 5 times so I am very excited with that. This week (I do my weeks Monday – Sunday) I will just be grinding poker at the Hard Rock all week and working out. Hopefully I will get a round or two of golf in down here.

POKER- Sunday was the $1630nl side event at the Hard Rock. I did not expect much of a turnout being that it was Easter, but I was pleasantly surprised that the tournament drew 77 people and was close to 40k to first. I was very happy with how I played compared to Saturday at the Isle casino. The fact that I was able to get a workout in before the tournament made a huge difference. I have decided that it is worth it for me to show up an hour or so late for a tournament if it means me getting a workout in the morning in. Overall I just did not get anything going in the tournament. I got no action on my big hands and got called down on one triple barrel spot that was maybe a little to reckless, but I do not think it was that bad. Result - -$693 note – I sell action at markups for most tournaments so for my records I will just recording my buyins on here.
I took a couple hour break after busting the tournament and went and laid by the pool here, which is very nice. Late reg'd the 630pm 1k mega at the last second and played that for about 20 minutes before running my 99 into 88 :(.
Finally I got my first cash game session in here at the Hard Rock. Tons of tables were going and by the end of the night they had 3 10-25 nl games running. The game started off fairly dead and was just a bunch of tight passive players. The game was still good, there were no really good players, just no one dumping chips at the table. After midnight though, which is normally the case, the action started flowing and the game got very good.
Sat + Sunday total hours = 15 hours
Profit = -$970
Monday- Played the $2160 6max tournament but only for about 30 minutes haha. Late registered about an hour in after getting my workout. I did not win a single pot and lost a bunch of small pots before getting in KQ vs AQ for 25 bb in a pretty standard spot. I played 2 megas later that night and like before busted both of those very quickly unfortunately. Also played a 1k sng satellite and got 1k in last longers going but got very unlucky and busted that.
Monday Profit - -$5043 total for trip = approx -6k
Monday hours – 6.5 total for trip = approx 21
Tueday- Yesterday was mega satellite day. This is possibly the most profitable day of any series, but is also 100% the most frustrating, annoying, make you want to kill yourself day and today was no exception. Got it in very good every time and held 0%. Lost 2 megas and a 1500 sng and quit early for the night.
Tuesday Profit = $-3625
Tuesday Hours = 5
Wednesday- (writing this blog at breakfast this morning) Today is the $10k WPT event here and I am feeling great for it. Follow updates at!

NURTRITION – I am not going to go into specifics on this blog post due to its already long length, but my diet has been very good all week considering I have been traveling. I have been focusing a lot on a good breakfast in the morning (3 eggwhites with fruit) and protein bars / shakes throughout the day. In the future when I start blogging every morning (I E TOMORROW! I promise!) ill get back to my normal routine of writing in my food log etc.

Fitness - My workouts have been great here! I have only missed one day in the gym and that was the day I arrived simply because I was super tired from flying in. ill do a quick synopsis here.
Sunday – I did a bands circuit that my trainer taught me. Its great only takes 30 mins and is a awesome full body workout. Im using a 3 bands adjustable weight (U add or remove bands for resistance. The circuit is as follows, u do 15-20 reps of each exercise with no rest. After all 8 u rest 1 minute then complete again 3 full circuits.
          1. Lunge to shoulder press
          2. Back Rows
          3. Fighter Curls (biceps)
          4. Sky Punches (shoulders
          5. Squat to chest press
          6. Log Curls (biceps and back)
          7. Shot Puts (Core)
          8. Y raises (back)
Monday – I did a simple but tough core routine that my trainer taught me
Tuesday – I did a full body heavy lifting circuit and ran a mile after words.
Again future blogs will be a lot better of explaining my workouts diets etc but this thing is way to long. Just want to finish with saying that my body feels absolutely amazing 9 days into this and cant wait to keep it going. Time to go get me a WPT championship! 

PS. also in the future going to try to improve this blog a lot. GOing to get pictures up (will upload my Berlin Pics from last week soon.) and video links etc! 

Tomorrows blog teaser- Story of playing golf with / next to michael jordan and lawrence taylor yesterday :D

Matt Affleck is a 24-year-old professional poker player living in Seattle, Washington. Follow his full blog and updates at You can also follow him on Twitter @McmattoPoker where he constantly updates about tournaments, motivation and being hustled by Matt Savage at golf.

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