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No Days Off Day 10

by Matt Affleck |  Published: Apr 28, '11


No Days Off Day 10

POKER – Today was day 1 of the World Poker Tour Main Event here. The buyin was $10,000. Late registration is still open until noon today so we don't know the final number, but 404 people signed up on day 1 which is huge. I expect about 430 to be the final number. I had a pretty good table draw all day but I had absolutely 0 interesting decisions all day. The combination of having 0 hands all day, and the fact of when I had hands I never flopped a pair made most of my decisions pretty straight forward. I made some timely and well played triple barrel bluffs, and check raises etc that helped me maintain my stack. I ended the day with $25,525 chips which is still in very good shape despite being below the starting stack. The blinds start at 200/400/50 today so I still have 65 big blinds. There were no really interesting hands to discuss, hopefully today there will be more as I build my stack to 300k :D.

FITNESS – I got my workout in as usual yesterday before I played. I have now successfully worked out 8 of the 10 days of this challenge which is excellent I think. For my workout yesterday I focused on core since I did a full body circuit the day before. IT included
      • 3 sets – Wipers (new core exercise my trainer and I DO)
Nutrition – Nutrition was pretty good. I splurged a little on dinner since I had a good day overall
Breakfast – 2 eggwhites w/ ham tomato peppers and small side of fruit
snack – Double scoop protein shake / multivitamin
Snack – Protein Bar
Lunch – Greek Salad with little Italian dressing
Dinner – 8 oz Fillet (No fatty sauces on it just steak sauce) and Lobster tail (no butter)
I also had a few beers during and after my dinner so it wasn’t my best day per say but by no means a bad day for my nutrition.

YouTube Video of the Day! - This is a new thing that could be very fun for the blog. If you have any recommendations of a video send me a message on facebook or in the comments with a video and I might post it. Today-
This Video is a interview with Matt Savage with this local player here who is flipping crazy. You can here this kid from across the room. Everyone calls him squeaky and say if you play with him you'll want to kill him within 5 minutes lol.

Story of the Day!- As promised on tuesday we had some connections and got to play golf on TurnBerry golf course in Miami. This course is amazing, top 2-3 I have ever played and competes with Pelican Hills for the best.

So we are heading to the driving range and we notice someone who looks familiar. As we get closer we notice the Air Jordan golf bag and yes Sir Michael Jordan is warming up on the driving range. Conveniently enough the only stall left open is right next to him so I end up hitting balls on the range right next to Jordan! A few spots down was his playing partner Lawrence Taylor (not joined by any underage women). They ended up playing in the group behind us and it was pretty fucking cool looking back and seeing MJ behind us! Matt Savage has some pictures and ill see if I can get them.

Matt Affleck is a 24-year-old professional poker player living in Seattle, Washington. Follow his full blog and updates at You can also follow him on Twitter @McmattoPoker where he constantly updates about tournaments, motivation and being hustled by Matt Savage at golf.

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