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No Days Off Day 10

by Matt Affleck |  Published: Apr 28, '11


No Days Off Day 10

POKER – Today was day 1 of the World Poker Tour Main Event here. The buyin was $10,000. Late registration is still open until noon today so we don't know the final number, but 404 people signed up on day 1 which is huge. I expect about 430 to be the final number. I had a pretty good table draw all day but I had absolutely 0 interesting decisions all day. The combination of having 0 hands all day, and the fact of when I had hands I never flopped a pair made most of my decisions pretty straight forward. I made some timely and well played triple barrel bluffs, and check raises etc that helped me maintain my stack. I ended the day with $25,525 chips which is still in very good shape despite being below the starting stack. The blinds start at 200/400/50 today so I still have 65 big blinds. There were no really interesting hands to discuss, hopefully today there will be more as I build my stack to 300k :D.

FITNESS – I got my workout in as usual yesterday before I played. I have now successfully worked out 8 of the 10 days of this challenge which is excellent I think. For my workout yesterday I focused on core since I did a full body circuit the day before. IT included
      • 3 sets – Wipers (new core exercise my trainer and I DO)