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Hello Again

by Kristen Bicknell |  Published: Mar 19, '14

Happy 2014 everyone.  I'm still alive and kickin'!

When I last posted, I mentioned that I probably won't be participating in the blogging world much in the future.  I got lots of nice feedback, and to be honest- didn't realize how many people actually take the time to read my silly little blog posts. (and claim they even enjoy it too!).  Thankyou!

So what's been going on?... I basically took all of January off from poker.  I went down to Florida for the majority of the month, and did book some decent, and rather hilarious, live sessions.  Taking that time away from online, and only getting to play in some pretty amazing donk-fest games, certainly did not do my game any good and I've been having a hard time getting back into the swing of things.

Away from poker, I've just been working pretty hard on getting healthy again- working out, eating well at home, and (failing over and over again) at trying to break the cycle of being a night owl.  The first two things things I have accomplished pretty well- the working out- pretty much all because I got a personal trainer.  I would HIGHLY recommended doing this, especially for poker players if you can afford it. I can't imagine I would have actually succeeded at really getting into the habit of working out- especially in the winter if it wasn't for being accountable to someone.  Plus, you have to put no thought into planning what to do- just show up and do what your told. So beneficial to get the hormonal effects of exercise.  The food thing has always been my passion, and if there wasn't a billion food blogs out there that are way better than my could ever be- maybe that's what I should be blogging about...  but the sleep thing.  I just can't seem to get this on track.  Once the weather is nicer, I'm sure it will help, but any advice for actually having a routine and sticking to it?

So, poker...

2014 goals: 500,000 VPPs
Current: 75,000

I've been playing around with what to play, how many tables etc. etc. and currently starting to feel the most comfortable playing 4 X 200NL zoom, and 1 or 2 100NL zoom.  The end of February was a bit ridiculous because I was pushing hard to maintain SNE and ended up 16 tabling 6 max with a variety of regular and zoom tables.  I thought I was handling it, but the results would tell another story, lol.  So, I had to be honest with myself and cut back.  Instead of stacking, I started tiling and just playing zoom, and right away I realized all the little things I was missing when playing too many tables stacked.

My month off in January really got me out of poker mode, and into relaxation mode.  I was temporarily living the retired life in Florida, and it is pretty easy to get used to.  Shopping, golf, lots of good eating, live poker, tennis... I think I was fairly burnt out from poker so in a way it was a good break for me overall, but I really feel like it was detrimental for my game and work ethic.  I don't think I'll ever take that much time off again. Or if I do, I'll be much more prepared for a tough and slow comeback to the game.

Anyway, that's all the time I have for today to write... maybe I'll try and do monthly updates again or something.  This month the goal is 50k vpps, and I have about 26k more to go.... slowly getting back into a routine, feels good. Hope everyone out there is well!

Kristen “krissyb24” Bicknell, is a professional poker player, known for achieving Supernova Elite Status on PokerStars. In 2013, she won the ladies event at the World Series of Poker, earning her first career bracelet. Kristen is also a part of the Ultimate Grinders team.

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almost 7 years ago

If you want to fall asleep earlier,you have to reset your circadian rhythm. Things that help: 20 minutes of direct sunlight before noon, moving up your meal times and taking a melatonin supplement around 8-9pm.

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