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Loose Cannon!

by Xuan Liu |  Published: Sep 30, '10


aight so this is my Pokerstars Big Game submission. I only had to play in a bunch of freerolls to get his far, but after checking out the competition, I'm feeling pretty good about my vid, and yet anxious at the same time because it would suck if we worked this much harder than most of the rest of the pack and still didn't get picked :/

Long story short, I thought we'd only have 3 days to do this vid, so first night I met up with Louis, we discussed what I wanted and he basically told me my script was garbage lol. Next morning we began getting props and shooting, I even had to buy a peachy dress right before I got there because I don't really have girly colours in my wardrobe, but I knew it'd look nice against the wallpaper he bought. Right after we started, he totally regret agreeing to help me after he realized what a wreck I was in front of the camera lol! I was also super tired and had no idea what to expect, have always hated public speaking, and was torn between wanting to make a generally appealing cliche video and listing my credentials/talking technical babble. Anyhow, after about 10 hours of frantic improv in between technical difficulties, we called it a day. Louis called me later that night after he found the perfect song off one of the royalty-free music sites Pokerstars recommended, and after playing it for me over the phone against my voice, I began to have hope that my video would not suck. I quickly rushed to e-mail Stars pointing out that they had sent me the instructions very late, and asked for an extension, which they ok'd about half an hour later (are you paying attention, FTP support? :D)

So we were able to get together briefly another night to film and adjust a few other random scenes. There was actually a section that was totally perfectly shot from the original day that we couldn't use because there was this incessant buzzing from the equipment, which was really disappointing because it was a scene where I actually didn't feel like cringing when watching myself. After watching a rough edit of the final I became even more stoked! This guy is so awesome and I can't thank him enough for all his talent and hard work while he was in between other gigs and a day job! If it weren't for him I would've attempted to go buy (and later return) some cameras from Best Buy and shoot some monotone snore myself and goodness knows what would've happened.

So yeah, I left out a lot of "real" credential stuff I could've listed and decided not to talk about real strategy and what not, but overall I think it should fit nicely with what they're looking for. Let me know what you guys think!
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