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PCA, TCOOP and maybe a rant or two....

by Mike Leah |  Published: Jan 18, '12


Jan 17 2012

Well I am on my way back home from my 3rd trip to PCA; I made one final table on the trip finishing 6th in the 1k + 1k bounty Turbo. It was a losing trip overall however; as I bricked the Main, 10k turbo and a few other post-lims. It’s never good to have a losing trip but at least the weather was better than the last couple years; I had a few nice days in the sun and was also awarded my 1st WCOOP bracelet at the PokerStars party. PCA is one of the more enjoyable trips of the year as it’s as much a vacation as it is a poker trip. Couple thoughts on what could make it even better, yea I have a few.....

-Why the hell do they start tournaments at Noon....It’s warm and sunny outside and we’re stuck inside playing poker. Yes I know it’s a poker series but why not start events at 2 or 3 in the afternoon so that everyone can enjoy a few hours of sun 1st. Wow imagine poker players getting outside more than once a week a crazy thought I know. Also late reg needs to be for longer allowing players the flexibility to straggle in when they want...It’s a vacation as well you know.

-Enough with the great structures, really.....I’m happy that they added more turbo’s this year but they still need more or at least quicker structures. There is no way that you should not make the $ on day 1 of a prelim or postlim....Aside from a few special events like the high-roller and designated “deep stacks” players should never come back for a day 2 not in the $.

The 2k turbo’s both drew over 200 players, the 10k turbo had its biggest field ever despite all other events being smaller...People like turbo’s especially in a destination like the Bahamas; and if it’s not a turbo, simple solution to fixing the structures: HAVE ESCALATING BLINDS!!!

There is no reason to play 1hour of 25/50 in a 1k or 2k postlim with 10,000 chips in the F’n Bahamas....Start with 30 min levels, increase to 40 mins after dinner, 50 minutes once you make the $ and 60 mins day 2. Solves EVERYTHING: You can still have all the levels, can still give lot’s of chips but you get to the meaningful stages of the tournament quicker, make the $ on day 1 and preserve a deeper average stack throughout the tournament. WSOP circuit events started doing this last season, heck even FTP introduced this (They did a few things right)....I don’t understand why more tournaments don’t try this....Please listen TDA’s and PokerStars!!!!!!!!!

On to more positive news (For non-US players): TCOOP :)

TCOOP starts on Thursday the 19th and I am very excited for it, for anyone that doesn’t know me well I love turbo’s....Win just as much $ in ¼ of the time...Ummm OK, sign me up! I wish WCOOP and SCOOP had a few more turbo’s mixed in their schedules but giving us a whole series of turbo’s is awesome. I look forward to online tournaments series’ as they give me the motivation to grind and compete with all of the best players in the world. Like I did with WCOOP I just started a TCOOP leaderboard contest on twoplustwo/pocketfives where I will take on any player in the world; of course Stars offers prizes as well to the top players of the series. Prediction: I will finish in the top 10.....

Ok so I was thinking back and kind of curious so I had to check....I have made at least 1 final table in the last 2 WCOOP’s, 2 SCOOP’s, 3 FTOPS and the last UBOC winning a wcoop, ftops and uboc title along the way....But yet I am still trying to make my 1st WSOP final table......Arrrrrg, this year!! Oh yeah but 1st let’s make a few TCOOP FT’s and win 1 or 2 :-D

A big congrats to friends who won big at PCA: Kyle Julius, Faraz Jaka and Xuan Liu all who made the final table of the main event finishing 2nd, 3rd and 4th locking up between 600k and 1.5 Mill and Jon Duhamel; Wow, if there was a player of the series it wouldn’t have been close. Jon had 4 top 5 finishes including 4th in the Super High Roller, 2nd in the High Roller, 5th in the 5k turbo and shipped the 5k NLH...I think he played only 5 events overall, not bad lol.....Keep this up and you will make a name for yourself in the poker world bud! (Sarcasm)....

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Mike ‘GoLeafsGoEh’ Leah decided to make the leap from his business career in Sales and Management to play poker professionally in September 2008. Not a bad decision seeing as to-date, the 37-year-old from Toronto, Canada, has over $3 Million in tournament winnings and over $2 million online including WCOOP, FTOPS and UBOC titles.

In 2011 Mike was part of a five-way chop in the prestigious WCOOP Main Event. After a consistently impressive year online it was no surprise that Mike was a strong contender for the coveted 2011 Online Player of The Year award.

However what makes Mike stand out as the consummate poker pro is his success both online and live; he has racked up 6 WSOP cashes in 2011 alone, and came 10th in the 2009 Player of the Year rankings.

Keen to give back to the poker community when not playing Mike is one of Tournament Poker Edge’s top instructors. You can probably tell from his username ‘GoLeafsGoEh’ that he is an avid sports fan and Mike’s enthusiasm for sports extends itself into ‘Fantasy Sports’, where he has developed quite an expertise. Mike also offers private poker coaching. For more information, you can visit his website.

Having already achieved so much in his career Mike is still hungry for a WSOP bracelet and his goal is to win Player of the Year in 2012.

Any views or opinions expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the ownership or management of
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