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Out of Bellagio 5000

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: Jun 14, '07

Out of the 60 person Bellagio in 42nd place in the fourth hour. The field was ridiculously tough, and I drew a table with WacoKidd, Thomas Wahlroos, Mikael Thuritz, Tim West, Aaron Been, and a couple other online kids who play well that I don't know by name. In the third hour I doubled up against Thomas in a pretty interesting pot. At 50/100 two players limped and Thomas made a small raise to 450 on the button. Tim West called in the SB and I called in the BB with 2d2h. The limpers called and the five of us took a 542 rainbow flop. We all checked to Thomas and he bet 1600. Tim folded, and after some thought I decided to take a major chance and just call with my set of twos with two players left to act. I just knew that I almost never get anymore action from a great player like Thomas if I checkraise here. The two others folded. The turn was a 9c for a complete rainbow board. I checked again and Thomas bet 4500 of my last 6200. I moved in and he didn't like it but called 1700 more with KK. No king on the river and I was up to 17000ish. Then, a really sick pot came up. I raised KJhh in the cutoff to 600. One of the internet guys called on the button and so did the BB. The flop came a nice K54 rainbow. BB checked and I bet 1300. The button calls and the BB folded. I was 95% certain this was a float. I decided I was now going to play the hand from the other end and check-call, check-call as long as an ace didn't come off and let him bluff some chips to me. The turn was the 9d, putting two diamonds out. I checked, and he bet 1800. I called. The river was a 6d, not a great card for me. 87 gets there and an A2dd hand. After one minute of thought the player bet 6375 into 8000. I thought for atleast two minutes and finally called. He showed me J8dd and I was sick. I like how I played the hand and if he gets there drawing that thin than he gets there. I was down to 4500 and then lost a chip for all but my last 400 in chips against Tim with J7ss vs his 44 on a K7442 board. Interestingly, quads were made 5 times at my table in less than four hours. I don't remember seeing quads even three times in that short of a period of time. Bad things should stop happening to me in tournaments soon, and I will win, I think. We went and picked up a new phone for me and then ate dinner at an amazing Mexican restaurant called Macayo. Relaxing and then playing the 2000 at Rio tomorrow. Please win.


Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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