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Halloween, Monday Night Football, Bama vs LSU

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: Nov 05, '09

I've been having some fun since I last posted. I spent Halloween weekend in Birmingham. Saturday my aunt got married in my hometown of Irondale, AL. We had a good time at the wedding but even more fun at the reception at a nearby hotel afterwards. That night I decided to dress as a meth head Andre Agassi for Halloween. I was really hurting for an idea when my mom threw the idea out there late Friday night. I went to a house party with some friends and later we hit Birmingham's popular Lakeview district for some fun at the bars. My costume was mostly a success. I wore a white t-shirt that said "Agassi" with white shorts, tennis shoes and a white nike head band with a blonde wig. I carried a tennis racket and tucked some spoons, lighters and syringes in my head band. Good times. If you're reading this at and can't see the picture below, check it out at my site I vegged out all Sunday watching football and baseball and then on Monday morning some friends and I decided to drive 5 hours southwest of Birmingham to New Orleans for the Monday Night Football game between the Falcons and Saints. We got out on Bourbon Street around 4 p.m. and were slaughtered by kickoff after taking advantage of the 3 for 1 beer specials for a few hours. The game did not disappoint besides the fact that the Saints fumbled in the final minute allowing a meaningless Atlanta field goal that negated the push I'd backdoored into with Saints -11. We went back out to Bourbon after the game, retired around 3 a.m. and were on our way back to Tuscaloosa by noon. In a few hours I will have completed 12 weeks of school for the semester. There's just over a month left in the semester, at which point I'll fly out to Vegas for a prelim or two and then the $15,000 WPT Five Diamond classic at Bellagio. I expect this month to seemingly fly as Bama football is getting very exciting. This weekend we have a game of monumental importance as we host LSU in a game that will very likely decide the SEC West. Basically, the winner will play Florida in the SEC Championship and the winner of that game will go to Pasadena, CA in early January to play for the National Championship game. Bama was in an almost identical situation in a game that I'll never forget from 2005 where we were 8-0 at the time and hosting LSU for the SEC west title. We led 10-0 at the half but ended up losing in the last few seconds on a Jamarcus Russell TD pass. LSU was actually favored in that game, but Bama is a 7.5 point favorite in this game as I type this. I hope we can pull it off this time. That's all I got. SS

Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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