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Out of WSOP Main Event, Bellagio $3000

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: Jul 09, '09

I busted with 5 minutes left in the first level of day 2 of the WSOP Main Event today. The highlight of the day was getting to play with Lakers point guard Jordan Farmar. I kind of got fucked by Harrah's today. I had an amazing table draw coming into the day based on what was posted. Then, I arrived to find out that they'd taken all of the 10 seats off and put them together in order to play 9 handed instead. My new table was the exact 8 guys that I'd played with the night before. We bitched a little bit and they agreed to let our table be first to break. That happened, but then I drew a table with Darus Suharto and Justin "BoostedJ" Smith and some others that was much worse than what I would've had. I guess I'm being results oriented in complaining about how the draw ended up though. Anyway, I dribbled to 16000 before getting in with AsKd against a kid's black tens and I was halfway out of the Amazon room by the time the board read 864T. I went over to Bellagio and arrived 2 hours late for the $3000 tournament that was there. With 22 left of the 180 players, I had 113,000 with the average 98,000 and 18 players getting paid. A bad nitty guy who was actually stalling with 150,000 in chips opened up front to 8500 at 1500/3000 (500) and I found QcQh on the button and called. The kid in the BB also called, and we took a Qs6c5c flop. Kid checked, nit bet 15000, I raised to 32000, kid folded, and nit thought 10 seconds and called. Turn 2c. Guy checked, and I pondered before betting 36000 and saving myself 36500. The guy gave me a big tell that he didn't have AKcc, so he 100% had Aces or Kings. I felt if he didn't have the Ac or Kc then he would peel one more street for sure if I bet 36000 but wouldn't necessarily call if I shoved all 72500 into the 90k pot. I slid out the 36000 bet on the turn and the guy instantly said "call". The river was the Kh and the guy led out all-in for my last 36500. I am extremely angry at myself for sort of calling out of spite here. This is actually a clear fold against this guy despite the unbelievable price I was getting. I called and of course was shown two black Kings. I headed home on I-15 just sort of shaking my head. Busting the WSOP Main Event is one of the saddest days of the year for a tournament player, so to bubble another tournament the same day really sucked. You've got to be made of steel though to be in our business, and my life will go on. I'm back in action in the Bellagio $5000 tomorrow. There are $5k events at Bellagio on Friday and Saturday also, so hopefully there'll be some big numbers and I can peel something before the final tournament of the summer, the $15,000 WPT Bellagio Cup on Monday. I'll have a WSOP wrapup post soon. SS

Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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