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Out of Event 38, Event 39

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: Jun 21, '09

I arrived at the Rio at noon this afternoon and got started playing the $1500 NLHE event. I was pretty quiet for the first 90 minutes before a funny one came up where I full doubled. A guy that you could tell sort of liked himself raised the button to 250 at 50/100 and I reraised AcKs to 750 from the BB. He quickcalled, leaving me 3425. Flop AK8r with one diamond. I bet 800 and guy quickraised to 2500. I moved in for 925 more and the guy tanked and then correctly called with JTdd for a gutter and backdoor flush draw. He turned the absolute joker 9d and the river was the Ad giving him a flush but me the absolute nuts. Guy celebrated for 5 seconds before realizing his flush was no good. That said, I'll offer a quick piece of advice to amateur players reading this. Don't celebrate or mourn the results of hands at the table if you want to be taken seriously in this business. In this case the guy looked really silly for celebrating his losing hand. At 2 p.m. I headed over to my Day 2 Limit Hold 'em table and found Daniel Negreanu and David Baker. I lost a pot early to Daniel where he raised from MP and I defended AcJd in the BB. Flop like 862 two clubs one spade, I checkcalled. Turn As and I decided to checkraise, Daniel called. River 3s. I bet and Daniel raised me. I puked and folded and Daniel was nice enough to show me the KQss. I got down to about 8000 playing 1500/3000 and doubled up with Kings before dribbling back to like 5000. I got moved tables and doubled through Hien Tran with T9o vs his A6dd for my last 4300. I was back to around 10,000 before I played this goofy limit hold em pot against this guy Marc Naalden. Folded to him in the SB he raised to 3000 and I have an easy 3bet to 4500 with KcQd in the big, leaving myself 6400. Flop gross 983 two hearts. He checkraised and I 3bet hoping to just get it in. He just called. Turn 5. He checked, and I felt there was no reason to bet my last 1900 and checked. River awful 6. Marc bet my last 1900 and I folded for 7.5:1 as I felt the only hand I could beat was JT and he would have 4bet me on the flop with that hand. Very next hand folded to Marc and he raised it on the button. I called all-in for the 1100 that wasn't already in the SB with Kc2d, and Hien folded. Marc had the 54dd. A king came in the door with a black ten and the 6 of diamonds behind it. Turn 7c River 8s and I was eliminated 13 spots short of the money. I returned to NLHE and just sort of hung around for the next few hours. The bustout hand occured after dinner and was kind of wtf. A guy limped from EP for 400, a fish limped in MP, and this character Michael Carroll who went deep in the Main Event last year (and also is another real asshole if you ask me) moved in for 1025. I found KTo and have an easy isolate shove from the SB. First limper folded and then somehow the second limper showed up with AQo. Carroll showed A2hh. An Ace came in the door and I was drawing dead by the turn. Tomorrow is a $5k NLHE shootout that I hope works out. If I'm eliminated from my first round table I'll play the $2500 8 game mix tournament at 5 p.m. It should be really fun as it includes all the HORSE games, PLO, NLHE, and 2-7 triple draw. Here are a couple more interviews that I really enjoyed doing: With Gloria Balding With Kristy Arnett SS

Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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