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Out of Event #9, Event #10

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: Jun 03, '09

Fuck. Busted both tournaments by 7 p.m. tonight. In the $1500 6 handed tournament I had good tables all day but struggled to ever get anything going. I got in for my final 2800 at one point with AKo vs 77 and doubled on JTxKx. I dribbled back to 2000 before doubling through this guy Frank Kassela (who's a real asshole if you ask me) with AA vs 55. I got moved to my fourth table of the afternoon and sadly Kassela and his personality was moved to my new table as well. I was down to 2400ish before full tripling up after a guy raised, a guy called, and I found AhKc and moved in. First guy called. Second guy moved over the top to isolate and to my delight first guy folded for his last 6000. Guy showed 9s9h. Ac in the door, 9c4c right behind it. Turn 5c. River 2c. The bustout hand occured when I 4100 and it was folded to me in the SB at 1/200. I raised 600 into Simpson's creator Sam Simon's BB and he raised to 1750. Simon is nitty enough I guess, but I also know that he perceives me as being a maniac, so I have a pretty clear stop and go. I did so when the flop came 8d8h5d for my last 2350. Simon took over a minute to call me with AQo, and I did not approve. I had 45 minutes so I drove up on Flamingo and got a couple Whoppers from Burger King and came back in time for the $2500 PLHE/PLO event. That event went pretty fucking awful. On the very first hand I lost 20% of my stack when I bluffed the river with KdKx6d5x on T53r4A against this character Sam Khoussis. He beat me into the pot with AT43. Later a guy raised the HJ and I called with the modest 6d4c3c2d on the button and Khoussis called in the BB. Flop 932 two spades. Checked to guy who opened and he bet 400 into 500. I raised to 1400 and Khoussis instantly said pot, fuck. I obv folded for my last 3500 and he showed top set of nines. Then in PLHE I opened two jacks from early and a guy defended. Flop Q73. Check-Check. Turn 9. He led 300 into 500 I called. River 9. He led 750 and he looked like a guy who could only bet a 9 or be bluffing. I called and was shown AQ. For my final 1725, a guy open limped the HJ for 75 at 50/75 and I raised the CO in PLO full pot to 350 with AhAsQc3c and he called. Flop KQ3 two diamonds. He checked, I obv potted with bottom two and he moved me in for my last few chips. I called and was shown KT97 with diamonds and would officially have to fade the world draw. Turn Ad and I missed on the end. Strangely, I busted this same guy ITM of the $1500 PLO tournament yesterday. Poker is so weird. It really sucks to not've done anything so far in the series, but I guess it's still early. There's a $2000 NLHE tournament tomorrow. I think I'ma punish my body with alcohol tonight.  SS

Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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