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Out of Event #5 in 66th Place

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: Jun 02, '09

Ohhhhh well. I busted 30 minutes into the day in 66th place and received $3200 and change :( Early on I was slightly unlucky to lose as an 11:9 favorite AIPF with AJ55r vs AK7h3h on a board of 96473. Then, I was slightly lucky to win as an 11:9 underdog with QsJhTs4d vs AJ63r AIPF when the board came Q64Jx. I had around 32500 with average around 55000 when the bustout hand occured. I opened AhKsJcTh from UTG to 4300 and was called by this guy Jae Chang in the SB and Jan Von Halle in the BB. Flop JJ9r. They quickchecked to me, and I decided to gamble and let one come off. The only real scare cards are 8s or 7s, and I just figured if I bet 8500 I was gonna win the pot everytime right there. Even though it's a big gamble to ever let a card come off in PLO, I felt it was a good spot to induce a bluff on the turn from one of these two formidable PLO tablemates. Alas, the turn was a 7 and my heart immediately sunk as Chang reached for chips and bet 10,000. JVH folded. My hand is so underrepped that I can never just toss it in the muck, but maybe I can just call and save my last 18200 hoping to fill up on the end and/or hope Chang slows down on the river thinking I might already be full. I went ahead and moved in for 28200 though and Chang called after one minute's thought. I was shown AcTx8x3c for the straight. I had 12 outs to win and 3 to chop but the river was a 5. It is what it is. It was nice to go ahead and get a cash out of the way if nothing else. I also really enjoyed getting to play a game other than NLHE for a couple days. Back in action tomorrow in the $1500 6handed NLHE event. This is a really fun event. I did very well in the shorthanded NLHE events last year, so hopefully it continues this year. There's another really great event scheduled for 5 p.m. tomorrow...$2500 Half Pot limit hold 'em/Half PLO, so if I'm out of the $1500 shorthanded by, say, 6:30 p.m. I'll still jump in that one. SS 

Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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