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WPT Championship Day 2 Recap

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: May 04, '09

I mistakenly wrote up the day 3 recap thinking all of the action was on day 2, so here is the actual day 2 recap. I arrived to find a table of Asian doctor called "Skip" in the 1, Mike McClain in the 2, Blake Cahail in the 3, eventual champion Yevginey "jovialgent (aka atimos)" Timoshenko in the 4, Mark Newhouse in the 5, David Singer in the 6, Jared Hamby in the 7, Ben "shankingyou" Palmer in the 8, and me in the 9. The first level of the day was relatively uneventful. One of the first hands of the day I opened 22 UTG and the perceived nitty "Skip" reraised right behind me. I called but then gave up when it came something dumb like JT9. I remember having several spots like this in the first few days where if I flopped sets in similar reraised pots I really could have exploded to monster stacks. It never happened, but I can't complain how the tournament turned out. Later in the level David Singer raised from MP and I called the button with 53cc. Flop AAQ two clubs. David led like 3000, I raised to ~9500 and won the pot. On the last hand of the level I raised the button with KQhh and Skip reraised me out of the SB to like 6500. I called. Flop AA7. Skip led just 4000. I raised to 14500, Skip called and then checked dark (lol). Turn 8. Check-Check. River 8. He led 20000 or something. I thought about bluff raising the river but folded and he showed me four Aces. I continued to struggle to get things going on day 2 before a hand came up where I busted 2006 WPT Borgata Champion Mark Newhouse. Mark raised from MP, I reraised from the BB with AQhh and Mark moved in on me. I called and was shown AJo. Jack in the door, but it rolled out JhTh6s for the royal draw. Turn Qd river X and I was back to 190 with average around 130. As far as I remember the 3rd level of the day was pretty uneventful as I still had around 190,000 with two levels remaining. There was one pot where Yevginey raised to 3000, Danny Wong called, and Jared raised to 13000ish. I found two kings in the SB and decided to make it 27500. The others folded and Jared thought two minutes before folding what he later told me was AKs. The 4th level things finally started to go my way. Yevginey raised up front and I called with black 22 in the cutoff. Flop AJ6 two diamonds. Yevginey checked, I bet like 6000, Yevginey called. Turn perfect 2h. Yevginey checked, I bet 14000, Yevginey called. River 9d. Yevginey checked, and I bet 22000 and was going to puke if I got raised. Yevginey thought 3 minutes and folded. Later in the level I opened AJss from EP and Danny called in the CO. Flop Q93 two spades. I led 7000 and Danny raised me to like 18500 with what I assumed was a very strong hand. Turn offsuit 6. I checked and Danny checked behind. Leading me to believe he had AQ or maybe even two jacks. River offsuit K. I bluffed 32000ish and Danny thought for a long time and thankfully folded and said he hated himself for not bluff raising the river with AQ where he could rep JT. It turns out he had the best hand, but I can really only bluff the river with the missed nut flush draw. Shortly thereafter I gave some back in a pot where I thankfully didn't lose more. I raised QQ from the HJ to 4400 or and Blake Cahail reraised it out of the SB to around 13000 and I called. Flop K83. Blake led 15000. I called. Turn T. Blake checked and I decided to bet 8500 (lol) into a 60k pot. Blake thought a minute and then raised it to 40,000. I thought and folded. Blake told me the other day via facebook that he had KK in said hand. He's a great player and a gentleman for telling me that, and I'm lucky because if I like turn a Queen there or the board comes like 522 it could've been my tournament. Last hand of that level Yevginey raised from EP and I called the button with 42o. Flop AQT. Yevginey checked and I decided to check. Turn gave me a gutter (either 5 or 3). Yevginey check called my 7000. River 7. Yevginey checked, I bet 21000 knowing that Yevginey knows I can valuebet very thin here. He folded pretty quickly and I was up to 256000 going into last level of the night. The final level of the night kinda sucked. I can't remember the details but there was one pot where Matt Hyman raised from MP and I wanted to play a pot with him, so I called with 87o behind. I think I flopped middle pair or something but had to surrender to his river bet when the board got gross. Another big one came up where Matt raised and I called behind him on the button with 76cc. Skip 3bet it fairly small out of the SB. Matt called, and I called. Flop A53. Skip checked, Matt bet like 30,000 into 50,000 and I folded. I ended the night with 212600 and the average was around 202000 as ~ half the field remained after day 2. I'll recap day 4 soon. SS

Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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