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WPT Championship Day 5 Recap

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: May 09, '09

As I write this I'm on wireless internet in the sky on a Southwest airlines flight. This is pretty bad ass. I'm headed up with my sisters to visit my Mom in Williamsburg, VA. She just accepted a job and moved there, so we're gonna check the place out. School is over for the semester. I'll write a school recap post when my final grades come out. I arrived for day 5 of the WPT Championship feeling really good. I found a table with Freddy Deeb in the 1, Scotty Nguyen in the 2, Andy Miller in the 3, Nick Binger in the 4, Ran Azor in the 5 Eugene katchalov in the 6, Ross boatman in the 7, and me in the 8. In the first level of the day I was fortunate to double up. Andy Miller opened for his standard large raise to 130,000 at 15/30k. It was folded to me where I found two kings in the SB. I elected to raise it a quarter-million more. Andy started playing with his chips and then finally moved me in for my 1 million or so total. I quickly called and was shown AQcc, and I actually had a pretty sick feeling that this was gonna be the end of the road. I will say this: I have never, ever been as nervous in a hand of poker as I was during the few seconds before the dealer spread the flop. I stood up and my heart was pounding beyond belief. The dealer spread a scary Q5238 board and I doubled up. I was shaking after the hand and I actually had the dealer get the exact count on my chips as I tried to bring myself back to earth. Forty-five minutes later I busted Andy Miller when he shoved his last 210,000 or so UTG with T2dd and I found AJdd on the button. I flopped him mostly dead on KQ5 and held on the turn and river. I took around 2.5 million to break. Later, we redrew at 18 and my new table was Justin Young in the 1, Elky in the 2, Ross Boatman in the 3, unknown in the 4, Owen Crowe in the 5, Jeff Madsen in the 6, Eugene Katchalov in the 7, me in the 8, and Scotty Nguyen in the 9. I won a pot against Eugene at this table when he opened for 100,000 at 20/40k from the HJ and I found AKcc in the CO and made it 310,000. Eugene thought for a long time and I really thought he was going to 4bet me. He eventually just called and we saw 532 with one club. He checked to me and I felt like a bet was in order. I bet 450k with no plan and Eugene thought 15 seconds before releasing his hand. Later, I 3bet Owen Crowe with two tens from the CO after he opened from MP. A call would've been ok too, but I felt like the online-trained ocrowe might think I was dicking with him and move in on me. I would've been forced to call off most of my chips had he done so, but he folded. After losing Jeff Madsen we had 17 left and I took 2.945 million to break with average around 2 million. We very, very quickly dropped down to the cutoff point of 10 players and in that time I don't think there were too many memorable pots. With 11 left, I raised the button with two fives to 160k and Scotty made it 475k out of the SB. I really think I should've moved in on him here for my 3.2M total, but Scotty had played mostly close to the vest and being wrong would be devastating. He showed me an Ace as I folded. After we lost Jen Harman in 11th, I had 3.115 million and would enter Day 6 5th of 10 in chips. The average was 3.38 million. SS

Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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