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Out of WPT Mirage in 13th Place

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: May 22, '07

Just busted in 13th place at WPT Mirage, 7 spots short of the TV final table. I earned 28818 dollars for my efforts, 600 of which I tipped to the dealers. Only entered a few hands on the day. The fifth hand of the day I found Ac6h and raised it up to 24000 from third position. Mikko Pispala called in the SB. The flop came Q99 with two hearts. Mikko checked, and I bet 37000. He pondered and called. The turn was an offsuit 3. Check-Check. The river was an offsuit 5. He pondered and checked, and I quickly checked behind. To my delight, he showed me T8hh for no pair, and my Ace high was good. I was up to around 255000. Then, the brutal hand came up. Eight-handed, I found AKo in second position and raised to 25000. It was folded to Mikko in the SB and he thought before announcing AI for 172000. I called, and he showed me two black Aces :( The board never gave me hope, and I was down to around 49000. I went through the blinds and then found KdJs unopened in the cutoff. I moved in for 35000 at 4/8000 (1000). Jon Friedberg took a long time before calling me with Kh3d. The board came Jd Js 5d 7d Td to give me a king high flush. Next, it was unopened to Amnon Filippi in the cutoff, and he raised to 23000. I had 69000 total at the time and found A9o in the cutoff. I felt I was probably best, so I decided to stop and go. This is the right play because Amnon is almost 100% correct to call me with any hand preflop if I move in for just 46000 more. The flop came Q73, and I moved in. He folded fairly quickly, and it worked out well. I was as high as 110000 again. We went to break, and I went through the blinds twice and was down to 60000 at 6/12000 (1000). Finally, a pot was unopened to me on the button, with Gigabet in the SB and Jon Friedberg in the BB. I found the 4 of spades first and then the 2 of spades with it. I knew if Gigabet didn't call, I could probably take the pot down. I saw how much trouble Friedberg had calling for 2:1 with K3, so I felt he really would have to pick something really nice up to call me for 3.5:2, and even if he did I'd still have a shot as long as it wasn't an overpair. Unfortunately, Darrel called in the SB though and Friedberg folded. Darrel showed me the dreaded 5s5h. The board came Kd Qs 2h x x to bust me. I have 5% of Jon, 2% of Darrel, and had 5% of Nam Le. Nam moved up one pay bracket before busting in 12th, so I get 288 bucks for that...weeee. Hopefully Jon and Darrel finish 1/2 in that order. I'm not too upset. I felt like I had a good shot at making the FT today as long as I didn't run into a cooler, but AK vs AA AIPF qualifies as a cooler. Not sure what the plans are. I will rail the FT tomorrow at Mirage and am possibly heading back to Alabama for a couple days before the start of WPT Mandalay Bay. I feel like I'm peaking in my tournament game at the right time. SS

Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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