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Limped into day 3 of WPT Mirage

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: May 20, '07

The day couldn't have gone much worse. The whole day if felt frighteningly similar to day 2 of the 25 thousand dollar event last month at Bellagio. I finished the day with 65200 in chips, which is good for 35th overall of the 40 players remaining. 27 will get paid. Jon went on an amazing run and ran his 5000 chips up to 225000, which is good for 9th overall. Would be cool for both of us to finish ITM. I hung around my 120000 starting stack for the first two levels. I was playing unbelievably tight because Hoyt, Daniel Alaei or Tommy Hang were opening every pot, and I couldn't pick up a hand. In the middle of the third level, Hoyt opened to 4500 at 8/1600. I found TsTc on the button and raised to 15000. The tight, rich businessman in the SB instantly announced all-in for 25000, lol. I don't like my hand. I have to call though and he shows me JsJh. The board never gave me hope, and I was down to 95000. Next, another unknown businessman got moved to the table with a shortstack. At 8/1600 unopened on the button he moved in for 14500. I called with ATo in the SB, and he showed me K2cc. The board came KJ952, and there goes a 33000 chip pot. I was now at 80000 when we broke, and I got moved to a table with Eric Froehlich and John "HoosiersAlum" Depa to my left. I lost some raised pots and was down to 66500 when I doubled up. I found A4ss on the button and raised to 6000 at 1/2000. Eric reraised to 18000 from the SB. Depa folded, and I decided to make a loose call with A4ss, leaving myself 48500. I felt I had the best hand, but that was really irrelevant. I was playing the position, not really the hand. I felt like EF might have a 99-55 type hand that would easily be frozen if paint flopped. The flop came A98. Eric weakly announced AI, and I called fairly quickly. This was the last hand before the last break of the night. I was now at 137500 with the average around 130000. As bad as the day had gone, I still managed to be at average at this point. Our table and now I got moved to a table with Alan Goehring to my right, Jon Friedberg and Randy Holland to my left, and Toto Leonidas and Cory Carroll across the table from me, sick table. Things went horrendously here with an hour left in the night. First, I opened up A9hh in MP and JF reraised to 28000. I folded. Next, I found AKo and raised to 10000, really hoping to get reraised so I could jam my now 100000 stack. Friedberg just called now and Carroll and an unknown in the BB both called. We took an almost unheard of 4 handed flop in a raised pot at this stage of the tournament. The flop came 742 with two clubs. The blinds checked, and I decided against firing into all 3 of them with AK high. Friedberg bet 25000. We all folded and JF showed two red queens. With 10 minutes left, I raised 86dd from MP and Friedberg reraised me for the second time. I folded, and he showed me AK. As good as things went yesterday, today they went THAT bad. Still not out of it though. I probably am still only about 65:1 or so to win the event, so it could happen. A very tough group of players are still in, however. Quick double tomorrow one time. Also, traded 2% with Gigabet, so hopefully we get heads-up :) SS

Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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