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On to day 2 with 121200

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: May 19, '07

This is going to be a quick blog. I'm on such tilt I f#$%#$% typed out a blog then accidentally closed it after half an hour of working on it. On to day 2 with 121200. I drew a starting table with Eli Elezra, Bradley Berman, and Denny (Danny Wong and Steve Sung's roommate). Early on I raised 85dd on the button and the BB defended. Flop 55T. He checked and I bet 525. He called. Turn 8. Check, 1200, call. River Qh putting backdoor flush out. He led out 1025, and I raised to 5025. He folded. Next, Eli limped UTG and I cautiously limped AJss. Everyone joined and we took a 7 handed flop of 6s 4s 2s. Checked around. Turn was a nice 3h. Checked to me, and I bet 600. Simon Moussa, a very stubborn player who I played with in the 25000 event, minraised me to 1200. Against a lot of players I would call, and check raise the river, but I didn't think he would ever fold a flush and rarely fold a 5. I decided to raise to 4200. To my delight, he called. River Qc. I led out 8100 into 9100 and he folded fairly quickly. Next, I found AKss unopened in the CO and raised to 300. Simon defended in the BB. Flop Qc Ts 5d. He led out 600, and I raised to 1600 to take a cheap two cards. He called. Turn nuts, Jd. He led out for 2000, and I quickly raised to 7500. He called. River was a gross 7d. He thought for 10 seconds and then moved in for 8000, yuck. I finally decided to call because of all the money in, and he showed me JTo for a bluff, I think. I was now at 50000. I hung there until the fourth level. I had been playing very snug and found AKo UTG and made it 1300. Denny made it 5000 from LP. I decided to call and leave him 15500. Flop was an ambiguous KJ7. I checked, and he checked. Tough to figure this one out. He could have AA, KK, QQ, JJ, or AK, that's all. I can beat just one of these and split with AK, obv. The turn was a 9, and I led out 7000. He thought for a minute then moved in for 8500. I didn't like it one bit, but I called after two minutes of thought. In retrospect, I could've called more quickly, I think. There's so much money in, and Denny is a friend of mine and would never Hollywood for his last 8500 with KK or JJ. He showed me QQ, and I held against his outs. Next, Steve Sung got moved over with a stack equal to my 75000. Steve limped at 200/400 UTG, and I limped with QJcc. Blinds joined, and we saw Jd 5c 4s. They checked to me, and I bet 1600. BB called and so did Steve, to my surprise. Turn 2c, and the BB led out for 2500 into 6600. Steve called, and so did I. The river was a yummy Kc, giving me second nuts. BB made baby bet of 3500. Steve reluctantly called. I raised to 13500 and BB angrily called. Steve quickly folded 55 faceup. BB showed 63o after I showed, for a straight. I got moved to a sick table with online player HoosierAlum and Nenad Medic to my right and Darrell Dicken (covered me) and Erick Seidel to my left with 45 minutes left. I raised AA and flopped one set with 33 against Nenad to win small pots both times and end the night with 121200. Good for fourth overall with 190 left.

I did a couple of interviews. Here is one with

Here is one with cardplayer.

Jon limped into day 2 with 5000. Hopefully tomorrow goes great for both of us. I'm gonna hot tub then sleep. SS

Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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