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Satellited into WPT Mirage

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: May 18, '07

Happy. It took 8 hours, but I satellited into WPT Mirages 10000 dollar main event via the 1500 dollar super satellite today. Early on I was down to 2400 from the 4000 starting stack. A bad player limped UTG and I found AKo behind him and raised to 450 at 50/100. The same odd, talkative kid from the other day sized up my stack and decided to reraise to 1400 from the SB. I decided to jump in for my last 2000, and he quickly called and showed up with TT somehow. The board came x x x x A to double me up. I hung around average for a while before basically blinding down to 3000 at 300/600. I got moved to a new table and moved AI 5 times without getting called. A few hands later I moved in over the top of a cutoff raise on the button with AT and managed to build my stack up to 11000 without ever even taking a flop. Minutes later I found QQ UTG and just knew I was going to double. There is no way these people believe I have a hand this time. I raised to 1900 and an Asian player moved me in for my 11000. I called quickly and he showed 99. Board x x x x x. I got moved yet again. I was around 28000 with the average at 13000. The first hand back from a break at 400/800 and 55 remaining with 28 getting seats, it was folded to me in the SB and I found AhAs. The BB had just 7000 chips. I decided to just complete. It is almost 100% correct for the BB to move any 2 in this spot because my complete looks very weak. I have a stack that is what the average is going to be when the seats are awarded, so he can't think I'm going to put one chip in the pot if I don't have to. Unfortunately he checked in the BB. The flop came K73 with 2 diamonds. I checked, and he instantly moved AI for 6300 into the 2600ish pot. I fell out of seat calling and he showed Q4dd. Turn Js but river was the 2d to double him up :( I then lost another pot where I made a tough call with KQss for 2.25 to 1 odds after I got reraised by a player who can never show up with worse than TT in this spot. I pray he doesnt have AA or KK, but if he shows me AK, AQ and definitely QQ faceup I still am supposed to call, especially in a super satellite. He showed me AxQx. The board came As 5x 4x 9s x. I was now down to 11000 or something as we approached 6/1200 with 48 left. I stole in EP once with K3hh, raising to 3200 of my 11000 and willing to fold if reraised, when the stacks were really in my favor. On the very next hand I found AA and raised to 3200 and to my delight a player in the BB moved me in for my 14200. I called and he showed KQdd. Board 98xAx. One more interesting spot came up when an UTG player moved AI for 6200 UTG, and after some thought I called 6200 of my last 26000 off with AhQs in the cutoff. The BB then thought for several minutes before moving in for 2100 more. I called of course. The UTG player showed me 4c4s and the BB had AKdd. The board came Td 3c 2c 9c Qd, and I somehow peeled an offsuit Q to knock both players out. From there I had enough to fold my way into the seat. I ordered several vodka redbulls and opened just one or two pots for the rest of the tournament. Once with QQ and once with ATdd on the button for the gamble of it. I tipped the dealers 200 bucks, so I'm in the event for 3400ish after playing two satellites. Aside from the WPT Championship satellites that I airballed, I seem to be having a Carl Olson-like success rate in these satellites in the last 9 months, having satellited into atleast 5 main events without entering too many sats.

I feel great and hope to have a huge day tomorrow in the main event. I have never cashed in a 10000 dollar+ WPT event (0 for 10). I am 1 for 12 overall cashing in WPTs, having only cashed in the 8000 dollar WPT PCA in January. Let's change all that this week.

Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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