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Today's Seat Assignment

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: Apr 22, '07

I'm on a bit of a weird sleeping schedule, but I woke up and much to my delight today's seat assignments are posted on I am 17th overall in chips of the 479 players who made it through to day 2. I've drawn a table tomorrow that will start out in the poker room, not The Fontana Lounge. I'm at table 7. I think there are still going to be around 22 tables in the poker room. My table is probably a favorite to be broken at some point during the day. There are a lot of chips at my table. The average stack per table is 667000 chips. My table has 871470 chips. I am the chipleader at my table. The players I'll be starting with are: Seat 1: Nathan Doudney, 41475 chips. The former Gonzaga basketball player is a good cash game player but is relatively unaccomplished in tournaments. I have played with him a couple times though and was impressed. I am pretty sure he lives with Erick Lindgren. Seat 2: Lyle Berman, 142475. The author, businessman, and 3-time bracelet winner has a bunch of chips. Fortunately, I have position on him. The word on Lyle is that he plays relatively solid, so it'd doubtful he and I will tangle in large pots. I have never played with Lyle. Seat 3: Mark Gregorich, 84200. Mark is very accomplished in tournaments and cash games. He may be the best Omaha Hi/Lo player in the world, and he's very good at NLHE, too. I'm very fortunate to have position on him. Seat 4: Me, 151575. Seat 5: Antonio Salorio, 82525. A Floridian who I'm not familiar with. He has a few small cashes in main events. Aside from that, I have no knowledge of him. Seat 6: Paul Testud, 71100. Paul is a Frenchman who I'm honestly not impressed with. I've played with him at Bellagio on a few occasions, and it's doubtful he's a winning player in any form of poker. Hopefully he'll make a mistake against me and I can scoop his average stack. Seat 7: Sorel "Imper1um" Mizzi, 92025. Probably the best online tournament player on the planet and the player I'm most worried about tomorrow. Sorel is only recently 21, so he doesn't have much live tournament poker experience, but it's doubtful he's going to give anything away. Playing pots out of position against him won't be fun. Seat 8: Joe Bartholdi, 88475. The reigning champion in this event. Aside from his 3.7 million dollar score in this event though, Joe is relatively unproven. My roommate Cody played with him on day 1, so I was able to get some good information from him. It still won't be fun playing pots out of position against Joe, however. Seat 9: Tad Jurgens, 59050. A good mixed cash game player. Finished 11th in this year's LAPC. I'm sure he'll be ready to play. Seat 10: David Wells. Not the professional baseball pitcher. Maneuvered his way through two large WSOP fields to finish 8th in the event that Mark Vos won and 14th in the 1000 dollar event that Allen Cunningham won in 2006. I don't recall having ever played with him though, and I don't recognize him by face. It's 5 a.m. now, and I'm going to try to get some sleep. I'm excited about day 2. Jon has drawn a tricky table with Vanessa Rousso, Nick Binger, David Levi, Jim Bechtel, Ben Roberts, Amir Nasseri, and the shortstacked Chris "gcnmoo" Moore. SS

Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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