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Limped into Day 3 of WPT Championship

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: Apr 23, '07

It just wasn't my day today. I did get off to a very nice start early and ran my stack up to 180000 without ever showing a hand down. Then, I lost a 120000 chip pot to Tad Jurgens. Jurgens had been active and raised to 3000 UTG at 500/1000 (100). A stubborn player called in MP, and then I found JdJs in the cutoff and pumped it up to 13000. Jurgens pondered and called the other guy joined as well. We took a flop of Td 8d 4s with 42000 already in the pot. Jurgens counted out his stack, deciding whether or not to lead out, but then checked. The other guy checked, and I bet 28000. Jurgens took about 15 seconds and then moved in for 40100. The other guy folded, I called of course, and Jurgens showed AKdd, so we had a coinflip for a big pot. He locked up the pot with the 2d on the turn. I was at around 90000 when I found TcTs on the button in an unopened pot. I raised to 3400 at 6/1200 (200). The SB called and the BB folded. The flop came AA4. He checked and I checked. The turn was a 2. He led out for 4500, and I called. The river was a 6 and he instantly moved in for 20900 into the 19000 pot. I thought for about 20 seconds and then called. He showed me A8o. These are the tough spots in tournaments. A lot of times I'm mucking this hand, but he moved in so fast on the river that it looked scripted and I decided to look him up. My table broke and I got moved into the Fontana Lounge. I found a table with Erick Lindgren and Steve Brecher. Erick was short, and I eventually busted him. Paul Wasicka then got moved to my direct right with a ton of chips. He immediately began playing very aggressive and put on the best tournament performance I have ever witnessed. He knew where he was at all times and didn't give anything away. I reraised him just one time in the first 2 levels we played together when I found KhKd right behind him in MP. Obviously he is a player I'm going to avoid for the most part. I grinded my way back up to 80000 when Paul raised from the cutoff to 6000 and 1/2000 (200). I found 97o behind him and felt like this was a good spot to repop. I made it 21000, and much to my chagrin Paul eventually moved me in. I instafolded and was down to 60000. I dwindled to 48000 when Paul opened on the button for 6000 again. I found 2d2s in the SB and sent all 48000. Wasicka called with AK and the board was a rollercoaster Ace (door card) 3 2. The turn was a 4 and obv the river was a 5 and we had to split the pot. I hung on to finish the night with 51500. The average is around 145000, I think. Jon has around 125000. I did a video interview with Cardplayer that can be found here My interview starts 2:40 seconds into the clip, right after Roland de Wolfe. Notice Phil Helmuth, never one to hide from the camera, lurking behind me. Blinds start at 1500/3000 tomorrow, so I have a tiny bit of room to maneuver before having to shove. A quick double would be nice. I don't think the seating assignments have been put out yet. I'll update upon receiving that info. SS

Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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