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About to Leave for New Orleans

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: Dec 27, '08

I'm sitting at the Birmingham airport waiting for a flight to New Orleans, Louisiana. I decided to come a few days early. Mike Katz is flying into town to meet me, and we have a pretty cool week planned. Tomorrow afternoon we're going to the Superdome to watch the Saints take on the playoff-bound Carolina Panthers. Tuesday, we'll go over to New Orleans arena to watch the New Orleans Hornets host the dismal Caron Butler-led Washington Wizards. Adam Geyer is flying into town on Wednesday the 31st, and we'll bring in the New Year on Bourbon Street. Finally, we'll attend the Sugar Bowl on Friday night where Bama will hopefully have no trouble with the University of Utah.

I should mention that as I write this I'm sitting in the terminal with the entire Alabama football team. They'll apparently be on the same 75 minute flight down to New Orleans. Actually, this very instant some woman just asked John Parker Wilson to pose for a picture with her.

Some really good poker news: I've been having a lot of success the last few days playing heads up LHE. After taking a few lumps along the way playing semi-regulars, I've been able to game select pretty hard and been able to really find some value at mostly 1/200 and some 50/100. Limit hold em really is a fascinating game when you get right down to it. I particularly like being able to to make Kate Bosworth-thin value bets and raises on the end. Hopefully it continues to go well for me. It's really swingy, so my stomach still has to get used to swinging 10 thousand a day. Poker is funny in the regard that you can play high limits for a while and get totally immune to the money, then you take a break and have to start all over again. Obviously, I can afford it and should press edges though. Ok gotta board the flight.


Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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