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On to Day 2 of WSOP Caesar's, Congrats to Aussie J

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: Apr 30, '07

I'm on to day 2 of the 5000 dollar buy-in WSOP Circuit event at Caesar's. I have 62700 and the average is around 45000. I was below average almost all day until I really got smacked by the deck in the final level of the night. With 10700 in chips and blinds 3/600. I found KK in the hijack and raised to 1700. It was folded to Layne Flack in the BB, and he called. The flop came 843 and Layne instashoved a stack of 1000 chips out that put me all-in. I called all-in, and he showed 86o. I held against the 5 outs to double. Next, Layne opened to 2800 at 4/800 in the hijack, and I called with KQo in the SB. The flop came K75, and I decided leadest out would look weakest to Layne. I bet 4100. He again quickly shoved out a stack of chips to cover me, and I didn't take long before calling all-in. He showed K9cc, and I turned him dead with a Q. He hit the irrelevant 9 on the river. I was up to around 55000 now when another big hand came up. I found 88 in MP and pumped it to 2200. John Racener, a 21 year old Floridian who plays great, called in the BB. The flop came A82 rainbow. John checked, and I just didn't feel like John ever hit this flop. I decided to check behind with my set. The turn was a 9. He checked again, and I bet 4000. He quickly raised to 11000, and then I moved him in for 16000 more. He called instantly and showed 22 for a flopped set vs set. The river was not the case 2, and I was now up to around 83000. I lost a couple pots to Layne and then one to Raymond Davis to fall down to 62700 to end the night. I am very pleased with how I played today. I battled hard when I was short all day, and now I'm 17th in chips with exactly 75 players left. Tomorrow we play down to 9. Hopefully I'll be at that final table. The winner gets 505 thousand. This could be my tournament. 36 players get paid. There are several notable players still alive. Here is a link to the players who made it through and their chipcounts. Also, a huge congrats goes out to our friend and summer 2006 roommate, Jason "Aussie_Jase (Aussie J)" Mellross. The J bird took 4th in yesterday's Sunday Million on PokerStars for 73000 dollars. He should have won but got very unlucky losing AA vs KK all-in on the turn where only a K wins the pot, and then the same guy doubled through him AIPF with JJ against AA :( Still a very nice score. The weekend was very uneventful for us, as we spent the days lounging around the house and playing online tournaments. I finished 7th in the 500 on UB for like 3800, which made me like break even for the weekend. I came into the FT second in chips but lost a monster pot to a clown with KK v 98ss for all the chips. He went on to win the 20000 first place money. I did a quick research job on the table I've drawn for tomorrow: Sadly, I'm in 4th chip position at my table. An unknown with 117000 is two to my right in the 1 seat, WSOP final tablist Rhett Butler is short in the 2 seat, I'm in the 3, and then I'm covered by Mikael Thuritz to my immediate left in the 4 seat and another unkown to his immediate left in the 5. Erick Lindgren is very short in the 6 seat, an unknown with 53000 in the 7, and 2 more shortstack unknowns in the 8 and 9 seats. Overall, a decent but not great table. Play resumes in the WSOP event at Noon PDT. Updates can be found at,, and I think SS

Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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