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Still in Vegas

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: Dec 17, '08

Sorry for not really posting an update from the main event. I busted and wasn't too happy with myself. Quickly, here's the 3 hands that led to my expiration from WPT Five Diamond.

I was at around 37000 in the fourth level and raised red fours UTG+1 to 1300. A kid defended in the big. Flop 866 two diamonds. Kid led 1700. I called. Turn 6. Check. I can bet here, so I don't face a big bet on the end, but for whatever reason I played poorly all day and decided not to and checked. River offsuit 2. Kid led 3700 and I somehow found a call. He showed two tens and I'm down to like 30000. Very next hand I'm UTG with QsQd. I raise to 1300. Believer82 calls and then a pretty nitty old guy made it 4500. I think my only option is call. I called. Believer folded. Flop 662 two spades. I checked and guy bet 7000. I had him covered by 2400 chips. I puked on my shoes and after two minutes decided to go with the hand and move him in for his 25500 total. This is just one of those awful spots. The guy really isn't capable of bluffing the flop with AK high, but I think he shows me Jacks sometimes and maybe, maybe even tens. World class players just toss it though. I'll be there someday. Guy called with Aces and I missed. I was crippled to 2400 and was able to get my last 6 blinds in for very good odds after Believer opened to 1100 and two people called. I moved with A5o and Believer isolated and showed me A7ss. Flop 544. Turn 7. River X.

After the bustout I came back to the hotel and basebaldy busted shortly after. We decided to go over to The Palms to see the UFC Ultimate Fighter show finale. We were able to catch the last 3 fights. It was sickkkkkkk. It was my first time to ever go to UFC, although we've ordered a ton of the fights on PPV. Basebaldy lost the flip for the 700 dollar pair of tickets, so my spirits were quickly lifted.

On Sunday we headed over to Henderson from our Bally's hotel room to Cody and Eric's houses that they both just bought. They are both insane. Cardplayer really needs to do a high stakes living shoot of them. They have a combined, like, dozen flat screens. We played the online tournaments on Sunday and watched all the NFL games across three TVs. We all had really good Sunday's. I netted about 12 dimes after 4 decent cashes including a fourth place in the UltimateBet main event for 13000 dollars.

The past couple of days we've kinda just been sitting around sweating the WPT event. I have a significant financial interest in how this tournament plays out.

Mike and I are about to grab some lunch. Congrats to our roommate Adam Geyer for his finish. He just expired in 41st. Good luck to Justin "robert07" Young and Jon Little who are both still in with 38 left. Jon has a chance to make WPT history by winning back to back events. As if he hasn't already accomplished enough on the WPT :)

I have a flight scheduled back for Thursday evening, but I'll change it if Justin or Jon make Friday's final table. There's also the Las Vegas bowl game between BYU and Arizona out here that might be worth sticking around for on Saturday.

It's also snowing outside our 25th floor window, which is sort of noteworth because it's Las Vegas.


Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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