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Out of WSOP Caesar's in 21st Place

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: May 01, '07

I'm sick. I just busted on the fifth hand back from dinner break in 21st place. For the first level I hung around my starting stack of 62000. Then, about midway through the second level I'd fallen below average at around 52000 with 45 players left. The chipleader in seat 1 limped UTG+1 for 1600, and I found JhJs in MP and raised to 7600. I had already raised one of his limps, so obv he called out of spite. I flopped the stone nuts on J52 with two clubs. To my amazement, he led out for 20000. I took about 15 seconds and then moved in for 58700 total. He pondered for a while and then folded, stating he had AJ. I won a couple more pots and got up to 100. We got in the money and redrew at 36 players. I drew a table with Justin "Looshle" Pechie and Chad Brown. About 10 minutes into the table I found Q9dd and raised it to 6000 in the cutoff at 1/2000. Chad Brown defended in the big blind. I flopped a monster draw, Jd Td 7c. Chad checked, and I bet 9700. He called fairly quickly. The turn was the best possible card in the deck, the 8h, giving me the nuts. Chad checked, and I bet 30000. Chad never has a set here, but I thought there was a good chance he had a flush draw as well and even a better chance he had KQ. It's also hard for Chad to believe that I have a 9, so he could overplay something like QJ and double me up. He thought for 30 seconds and then just called. The river was the 5c, so I still had the nuts. Chad checked and I moved in for 51100. Chad thought for a while and finally folded :( I doubt Chad would just hollywood before folding with a missed draw, so I now believe he must have had a hand like T8s for two pair. I was up to 160000 when we redrew again at 27. This time I drew a table with Mikael Thuritz in the 1, Justin Pechie in the 3, me in the 4, and the hyper-aggressive, fearless Cory Carroll. One of the first few pots into the table MT raised to 9000 in MP, and I decided to call on the button with KQdd. The flop came Qh 9s 5s. Mikael led out for 13000, and I thought and raised to 37000. He thought and played with his chips before calling, leaving me 100000ish and himself covering me at 160000. The turn was a disgusting 8d. MT checked, and I quickly checked behind. It was such an awful card because JT gets there, and I can't completely discount him from having 76. The river was an offsuit deuce. Now Mikael reached for chips and eventually decided on a very small bet, 25000 into a 99000 pot. My hand only needs to be good 1 in 5 times now to make a call correct. I of course called, because QJ, JJ, TT, an Ace-rag flush draw, and even KQ are possible holdings. My heart sunk when he showed me Qc8s for a turned two pair :( You just have to fade those 3 outters all tournament long if you want to win. Now I was down to around 70000. I lost around 3 blind vs blind pots, two Fred Berger in the BB, and I limped into the dinner break with 34500. We returned and blinds were 2000/4000. I jammed the first hand with T7o on the button, and then I folded until I found A9o UTG, 7 handed. I sent 41500 in but I knew I was in bad shape when the squeaky tight Asian player called me from the SB. He showed me AJdd and the flop came 7d 2d 2x Td to send me to the cashier's cage. I earned an insignificant 9700 dollars for my effort. What can you do? I knew the only way I wasn't going to FT this tournament (and likely win) was if I got flopped super cold or got sucked out on. That's the nature of it, however. There is no business to tend to for a couple weeks now, so I'm likely on a flight back to Birmingham, AL sometime in the next 24 hours. My girlfriend graduates in 2 weeks, so I'll be around for that. Since moving here on April 7, nothing has gone right in poker. I'll be back in action in mid-May in some prelims for WPT Mirage and then the main event. Look for another interview I did with PokerNews at their website, Somewhat ironically, this is the third tournament of my poker career that I've finished in 21st place. I was 21 during all 3 of these finishes (EPT London, Five Star 3000 event at Bellagio). SS

Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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