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On to Final Table of 2000 as co-chipleader

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: Oct 11, '08

Weeeee. I'm on to the final table as co-chipleader in the 2000 dollar event. I sit at the top of the pack tied with Nick Binger at exactly 180 thousand chips. I thought Nick played very, very well all day long. We'll be playing 1500/3000 for a full level starting at 3 p.m. Vegas time. I will detail some important hands later, but there is one worth noting right now. When we reached 10 players, I was either dead last in chips or next to last as we formed one ten handed table. The next elimination would end the night and the final table of 9 would be set. This dude opened big to 7500 from EP at 1/2000, and I decided to go with TT for 42200. It was the final minute of 1/2000, and we'd be playing 1500/3000 after break. It came back to him and he thought and called with JJ. He prematurely fist pumped and said, "Yes!" and some of the other players prematurely celebrated since they thought the night would be coming to a close. This is a big karma no-no for those of you who didn't know. One of my favorite Bellagio dealers, an Asian woman named Mary, put out a fun board of x x x x T!!! to prolong the night and to prevent me from having to catch an early plane flight home tomorrow. I don't remember rivering a more memorable Ten up to this point in my career. Now, I'll have to push my flight back to Monday. It was crazy, we played that one hand at the 10 handed FT, went to break, came back, and I busted the dude on the FT bubble with JJ vs TT on 644 on the very first hand back. In 2 hands I went from outhouse to penthouse. Sick game.

I'm excited. First is 113000 dollars and 9th is (lol) 4405 dollars. The only 4 notables at the FT are Binger (T-1st in chips), Paul "ComeOnPhish1" Lieu (3rd in chips), Justin "robert07" Young (4th), and Ben "benba" Lamb (9th).

A win would be cool, as it would move me back up to number six in the Player of the Year race.

I've been up for 24 hours now, so Ima sleep.


Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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