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Out of Event #53 + WSOP Prelim Wrap Up

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: Jul 01, '08

Out of the LHE shootout in fifth at my table. I was at a table with CiCi Mortensen, a good young Norwegian named Simon, a good Californian named Joe, and six fish. I ran pretty horrid all day but actually gave myself some chances because I made some razor thin value bets and was able to pick up some extra bets. I had Aces cracked three times, lol. The most interesting of which came when a bad player limped for 100 in MP, Simon raised from the SB, I 3bet black Aces from the BB, the fish backraise 4bet, and Simon capped. I called and fish called. Flop KK4 rainbow. Simon checked, I bet, fish raised, Simon 3bet, I folded, fish called. Turn 3. Simon bet and the fish called. River T. Simon bet his last 25 dollar chip and the fish folded for the 105 to 1 odds he was getting. I begged Simon to show and he obliged and turned over two kings for quads.

With today's bustout the preliminary events are over. I finished the series cashing 4 out of 22 times with one final table. I am very, very happy with how things went. It hurts a little bit that I wasn't able to finish the deal and get the bracelet in event #7, but aside from that I couldn't ask for much more.

Some notes from the preliminaries:

I was in for exactly 60000 dollars. I just calculated this figure, and it's surprisingly low. The events that I made day twos in just happened to overlap with some of the bigger buy-in tournaments, including the 5000 dollar shootout and the second 1000 dollar rebuy. I also missed the 10000 dollar heads up event and two other events when I was in Minnesota for my friend Dave's wedding.

I grossed 384498 dollars in cashes during the prelims.

As a household, we cashed at an impressive 19 for 105 clip. Cody and Mike led the way with five cashes. I had 4, Eric and Adam had 2 and Jerry cashed once. We had three final tables as a group but zero bracelets. As I write this Cody is still in event #52. Our total gross cashes not including his cash in this event amount to 958846 dollars. If Cody finishes 9th or better in this event we will eclipse the one million dollar mark as a group. If he doesn't, I still think we're a pretty big favorite to get to that mark after the WSOP Main Event is over.

Four cashes in the 2008 WSOP becomes a personal best for me. I cashed three times out of 21 attempts in the 2007 WSOP and was a 5249 dollar winner overall after cashing for 62249 and investing 57000 dollars. I cashed three times out of 22 attempts in the 2006 Series and was a 35135 dollar loser after cashing for 31865 dollars and investing 67000 dollars.

In my career I've now played 64 WSOP events. I've cashed 10 times and am a 295062 dollar winner after cashing for 479062 dollars and investing 184000 dollars. This is a very satisfying lifetime WSOP ROI of 160 percent.

I rarely share the numbers these days, so I hope you guys enjoy.

I've also got an interview with ESPN tomorrow afternoon that will air during the WSOP Main Event. At the risk of sounding arrogant, I'm very excited about this because up to this point in my career, I feel like I had been underrecognized for my poker accomplishments.


Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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