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Back in Vegas + Out of Event 29 + Happy Father's Day

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: Jun 15, '08

I arrived 10 minutes late to Event 29 today and busted a little while ago in the beginning of the fifth level. I was pretty damn card dead all day, so I guess I played pretty nitty. I was at a starting table with online players David "DPeters17" Peters, Chad "lilholdem" Batista, and this kid that I believe is "badbeatslayer" online. I doubled through Chad one time with QQ vs his AQ for my final 3000 but eventually busted as soon as I moved tables when I shoved my last 3000 with 88 into the BB's JJ.

The most notable happening of the day came as soon as I sat down though. It's really funny because now drama has found me in my last two tournaments. I sat down a few minutes late and the dealer was just about to deal a hand. He said to me, "Entry." I said "What?" He said "Entry." I was like what the hell does that mean. He then raises his voice and does the retarded voice "Entry" as if to make fun of me and points at my piece of paper that shows you're in the right seat. I told him to calm down and it really pissed him off. He then got in an argument of some sort with badbeatslayer and was being a real cocksucker in general. I got the last laugh though when I told the floormen that I know about it and they immediately took him out of the box and sent him home. PWNT. Have fun at your new job. This is the first time I have ever so much as even complained to the floor about a dealer, if that gives you any idea how out of line he was. Anyway no problem. I could've late registered for the 10000 limit, but the idea of playing LHE all night was pretty disenchanting. Back in action tomorrow in the 2500 6 handed event.

A quick trip report on the wedding: I had a blast! It was really good to see my boy Dave again. He and his now-wife Rebecca seem very happy together, so that makes me happy. We hung out with the whole wedding party all weekend, so I met some really cool guys and girls that I'll keep in touch with hopefully.

The reception was a blast. I think I must've consumed 15 glasses of chardonnay last night. We were up til about 5 a.m., then I got one hour of sleep and caught a cab for the 40 minute ride to the Minneapolis airport. I felt really awful but somehow made it on time for my flight this morning. Nate and Donny really killed me in prop bets on the trip. Here's a quick story of the funniest bet:

So there was this bombshell Playmate looking, like, 37 year old woman who was like a friend of the bride's family and in attendance at the wedding and reception. She also had a husband who it turns out is a former college football player and like 6'4" 240. Ninja Nate bet me even money on 500 bucks that he would dance with the woman for atleast half of a song during the reception. I felt I had a clear edge because we stipulated that if the woman left once the first people started dancing then I autowin the bet. Unfortunately for me, she stuck around and I cringed as I saw her knocking down glasses of red wine because I felt it might open up the door for the confident-Nate to somehow get a dance with her. Later, Donny wanted action on Nate, so I made him lay 500 vs my 400. Well of course Nate starts chatting up the woman and her husband and is so smooth that he pulled off a dance. so so sick. We told the couple about the bet afterwards and they had a good laugh. I also really enjoyed the city of Minneapolis from the little I saw of it.

Finally, Happy Father's Day to my Dad who happens to be the best Dad in the world. Happy Father's Day to any other Dad's reading, as well.


Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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