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On to Day 2 of Event #7

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: Jun 04, '08

In the money and on to day 2 of the 2000 dollar NLHE event #7. I have 33100 and the average is around 42000, so I'll have my work cut out for me. There are 153 players remaining. I'm gonna be as brief as I can with this summary because I'm exhausted.

Early on I drew a table where I recognized WSOP bracelet winner Mats "SuperMazak" Rahmn and a very good twenty-something named Matt Brady who has quietly put together an impressive tournament resume. I won one decent sized pot at that table where I made a thin river raise with AQ on Q6697 in a raised pot. Later, I played a silly one against Brady where I opened up front with AQ he called in position and we saw AQ3. Check-Check. Turn 3. Check-Check. River A, giving me the second nut. I wasn't sure Matt would call with like TT but thought he might bet it, so I checkraised his 300 to 1000 and he made a good fold.

I got moved to a new table and dribbled back down to about 4000. I stayed there for an hour or so until I got moved to a table with Yoon Kim to my right and David "Grinder444" Redlin and Mario "Pwnasaurus" Silvestri both having position on me. I got lucky for all my chips at this table. I raise QdTs from MP at 1/200 (25) to 600. This dude called and the BB also joined. Flop 532 all diamonds. This is a really shitty spot. I have to decide whether to go with the hand or not here. I figured the first kid had a pair of some sort, so I decided to just bet full pot of 2000 and stick myself in for my last 1700 if he went with it. He did, and the BB folded. I have no idea if this is standard or not. The only other option is to check-out, I think. I don't like CRAI because it's not like I have a monster draw. I called and he showed me black twos, yuck. Turn magic 9d though and the river was a brick.

Later, I doubled through my friend Redlin in a weird one. I had been active enough and found Aces in the cutoff and raised to 800 at 150/300 (25). Dave reraised to what I thought was just 1050 more from the BB. He actually raised 2050 more The two yellow 1000 chips stuck together and laid on top of the two green 25 chips. If I knew he raised 2050 more I might have gone ahead and shipped my last 6000 in, but it's unlikely. I probably still just call. I did just call, and the dealer alerted me I owed the pot 1000 more. I was sick right away because I knew that if this hand went to showdown then it was going to look like I was pulling some kind of silly angle. The flop came AJ6 rainbow. DR checked and I checked. Turn K. Dave bet out like 3300, and I moved in. He called and showed A7, so I was very lucky to cooler him with the case Ace on the flop. I immediately apologized because this hand had all the ingredients for an angle, and that is the last thing in the world I would ever do...especially to one of my friends.

I think I won one more pot and took like 16000ish to a new table. At this fourth table I recognized Tom McEvoy, Gene Todd, and a very, very tough young player named Hansu Chu. Luckily Hansu was to my right and we didn't tangle. Before dinner I dribbled down to like 12000 before picking up magic KK on the exact hand before the dinner break. I raised up front to 1100 and this guy who'd been playing well that I'd tangled with a few times called. Flop 742r. Check-Bet 1700-Call. Turn 4. He led out 2500, and I felt there was a very legitimate chance he had a 4. I called. River T. He checked, and I moved in my last 6500 or so. He instafolded what must've been like 65. I took 17300 to the break.

I ate dinner with basebaldy and online player TitanTom23. Had a good steak and sweated the end of the Stanley Cup game. Unbelievable finish.

I came back from dinner and opened a pot into McEvoy's BB with AKdd to 1650. This dude reraised to 4500. Folded back to me and I had him slightly covered and moved him in for 15500ish. The guy confidently said call and tabled AQhh almost before I could get the words out of my mouth. I honestly have never heard anyone say call more confidently with AQ in my life. I said, "No good" and tabled my hand. The board came Jd7c7sQdTs to get me up to like 32000. Then, this funny one came up. I raised into McEvoy's blind again to 1700, this time only looking at the Kc. This older guy who was surprisingly active and surprisingly fed up with me raising called. Flop 993 rainbow. I led out 2000 still only knowing that I had the Kc. He insta said raise and made it 5000 more. I squeezed my other card...the 9h!! I just called. Turn Ten still rainbow. The guy actually had me covered, so I had a decision to make. I decided to take a silly line and to lead out into him again for 6000. He thought and called. The river was a K making me the third nuts. I actually think this was a bad card for me though. I moved in for 14000 and the guy moaned about how he should've reraised preflop. Did he really have two jacks? He folded. Sigh.

I was up to 45000 with the average at 21000 but then I made a mistake. I had been unspeakably active and found KQo in the cutoff and raised to 2200 at 4/800. There was this kid in the BB, and I told myself when I opened that if he raised me I was 4betting AI. He did just that making it like 6800, and I thought he had like 23000 in chips because he had the blue 500s stacked high, and I simply got lazy and trusted that I knew how much he had instead of having the dealer count it down. I honestly might have still gone with it if I knew he only had 20300 because it seemed so robotic and I felt like he was really weak. He quickly called with AQo, and I couldn't catch up on AJxxx. I was down to 25000 and then all the way down to 14000 after losing a race with AQcc to Yougn Phan's JJ. I then doubled through with AsAh vs red QJ on J83 all clubs.

I got back to 45000ish once more but then lost a pot to the same kid (who played well) when I raised AcJd up front and he flatted me. Flopped the world on QT8 all diamonds. I bet 4900 he called. Turn black 7. Check-Check. River black 4. adfkhadsfjhah;dkfsj. How do I miss? I checked and the kid bet 8000. I was very, very tempted to checkraise bluff all-in, but I couldn't pull the trigger. He told me he had KQ, so I even could've hit an Ace. Oh well.

I got moved to my fifth table of the day with 28000 in chips. I recognized only Keith Carter who was at a final table with me at Bellagio in April. I was here until we finally made the money 150 minutes later. I raised tons and tons and tons of pots on the bubble. A lot of the times I did it without looking which was fun. I met a lot of resistance and things didn't go as well as I hoped on the bubble. I lost a 28000 chip race with AJ vs TT AIPF on KJ69T, so that one stung a lil. Decent day all in all. Hopefully tomorrow goes really well and I make it to the final table of 9. Wow this blog got long.

Also Congrats to Erick Lindgren for winning the 5000 dollar Mixed Event. Happy for him. He deserves it.


Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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