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Out of Event #3, Event #4

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: Jun 02, '08

Ghey. Sick. Ran horrid all day. Bad beat stories will follow.

In the 1500 PLHE Event #3 I arrived at a starting table where I recognized Dale Pinchot and this guy named Zak "bakerkeno" Gilbert. I took a pot off Gilbert in the early going when he raised the HJ and I found red AA in the SB and RRd to 500. He called. Flop 963 or something. I bet 675 he called. Turn 8. I bet him all-in for 1500ish and he folded what had to be a big hand.

I took a double stack of 6000 to the break. I came back and lost a couple hands after getting reraised twice. Then, with 3950 chips I found KK UTG at 75/150 and raised to 425. Right behind me Pinchot repotted to 1500, and of course I moved in for 2450 more when it was folded back to me. Dale called with AKo and the board came QT4A7. It's unfortunate but that's poker and I definitely can't fault Dale for jumping with AK.

I then bought in for the Event #4 the 5000 dollar Mixed NLHE/LHE event. This time I drew a starting table with Ted Forrest to my direct left and Roy Winston, Ryan Young and Erik Cajelais also there. There was also a player named Raphael Zimmerman who played both games fantastically and held over me especially in LHE.

I broke even for the first half level in LHE then I doubled through Cajelais in an insane pot on the first hand of NLHE. I found JThh on the first hand an open limped up front for 50. It was folded to Cajelais in the cutoff who raised to 250. I called. The flop was Qh9h7d. I checked to Erik and he bet 400. I checkraised to 1400 and Erik quickly called. The turn was a black Ten giving me second pair to go along with me OESFD. I decided to take the CRAI line in the event that Erik bet when I checked to him. I checked and he bet 2100. I thought for a few seconds and shoved 8700. You hate to get this much money in this early, but sometimes these hands come up. I also felt like I had a tremendous amount of FE, and honestly didn't think Erik could call without a set or two pair. I was wrong as Erik made a fantastic call with KhQs. I was a 16:9 dog to get there. I rivered the 7h, so I guess I can't complain to bad about the following hands.

I just about broke even for the next 3 hours or so. My stack actually never was hire than 23000 or lower than 16000 over those next 3 hours. I lost a couple of "cooler" LHE hands if there are such things against Zimmerman in button vs my BB situations. The first one Zimmerman raised and I defended K9dd in the BB. Flop A94. Check-Bet-Call. Turn J. Check-Bet-Call. River 5 or something. Check-Bet. Raphael was playing so well and valuebetting so thin that I don't fathom this could ever really be a fold. He could easily be betting a 9 or even KQ high if you can believe that. I called and he showed me A3o. Later, he raised the button in LHE and I defended A2hh. Flop AK6 one heart. I checkraised. Turn Kh. I bet he called. River 7. I bet and he called, and I expected to be good. He showed me A9. Sigh. I then got lucky against a newly arrived Gavin Smith. I raised black sevens in the HJ. Gavin called in the SB and this guy Tim Vance who won an EPT called in the BB. Flop AT2r. Checked around. Turn magic 7. Gavin led out, Vance folded and I raised. Gavin called. River 2. Gavin checkcalled and I was back in action. The LHE was playing so much bigger than NLHE that it was laughable. There was a time when I had 100 BB in the NLHE portion but only 12 big bets in the corresponding LHE level.

Finally my table broke and I got moved to a new table with Steve Sung, Shaun Deeb, Bill Edler and Mark Newhouse. This is when things really started going shitty. I was just above average playing 8/1600 LHE at 22000 chips. Folded to me on the button I raised J7o. Deeb defended. Flop J85. Shaun checkcalled. Turn 4? Shaun checkcalled. River 8. I puked. Shaun led out and I called and he showed me T8o. Sigh. I'm lucky Shaun made the mistake of leading out here instead of CRing the river because I would've bet and then puked and probably called an additional bet. I'm not taking anything away from Shaun though as he is a fantastic player and the hand plays itself. I was down to 11000 though instead of being at 32000. A few minutes later we switched to NLHE. Edler moved in for like 7.5 big blinds UTG and I found A6hh in the cutoff. It's a tough spot, but I wanted to gamble a little bit because LHE was around the corner and I didn't wanna be really short for it. Bill showed me black T8o. The board came Qd9d4h7hJs. Sigh again. Now down to like 7500. We went on break and I took a fun 6600 in chips to the break knowing 1/2000 LHE was coming up. I also happened to be UTG the first hand. I folded UTG. The next hand was the busto hand. Folded to Deeb in MP. He raised. I called 1000 more with Ad6h. Flop A62 all spades. Check-Bet-Raise-Raise-Raise-Raise until my last 4600 was in. Shaun showed Ah9c. The dealer put two black jacks in the Community and I was sent to the rail.

It hurts because I really like how I played in both games in both tournaments all day today. Its ok though. In just 10 hours Event #5 commences in the form of a 1000 dollar rebuy tournament. If I bust before 5 p.m. I will play Event #6 the 1500 Omaha 8 event.

Sleep for a few hours, get up, go to the gym, do it all over again. Hopefully I run better tomorrow.

Also congrats to Cody for finishing 373rd and cashing in the 1500 NLHE Event #2. Mike is also on to day 2 as we speak in Event #3 with an above average stack, so hopefully he can make it to the final table of 9 from the remaining 63 players tomorrow. His cash makes our house a nice 2 for 12 attempts ITM through 4 events. Obviously we'd sign for it if we could keep that pace through all 54 events.


Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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