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Out of WSOP Event #1

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: May 30, '08

Wow. Fun bustout hand. Keep reading.

I just busted in the final minutes of the third level from event number 1. I drew a starting table with Steve Zolotow in the 1, Tom McEvoy in the 2, an unknown Euro in the 3, Jen Harman in the 4, Toto Leonidas in the 5, Cory Carrol in the 6, Thomas Fuller in the 7, an unknown weak spot in the 8, and me in the 9. For the first two levels not too much happened. The biggest pot came when Thomas opened up front to 800, I called in EP with KJcc and Cory defended in the BB. The flop came KQ5 rainbow. Cory led out 1600, Tom folded and I settled on call. I wanted to avoid Cory for the most part because he's a very tough player and doesn't mind inflating pots. The turn was a 6, still rainbow I think. Cory checked and I finally settled on check because I wanted to give him the chance to bluffbot some on the river, and the stacks were such that I thought he might CRAI if I bet like 4000. The river was an offsuit 4. Cory checked and I bet 3700 into 5750. Cory thought for 45 seconds and called, and my hand was good.

I took 23350 to the break. We got back and I dribbled down to 19000 after I got reraised preflop once and then lost a pot to an online player that looks familiar. Then, the insane bust hand came up. It was folded around to the weak spot and he raised to 1200 from the SB. I found AhJs and called in the BB. The flop was A99 with two diamonds.. He checked, and again I checked. This guy had been caught bluffing a few times, and I was perfectly willing to let him continue. He'd 3bet pot AI against the nitty Zolotow for all his chips earlier on J65 with two hearts with black AQ. Zolotow called with KJhh and the guy rivered the Ac. Anyway, the turn was a black 8. He checked and I bet 1500. He checkraised me to 3500, and I called. The river was the Ac for a final board of A998A, giving me he second nuts. The guy asked the dealer how much was in the pot, received the answer and then bet just 3400ish into the 9400. I have a trivial raise, and thought for a bit before raising to 8300. The guy moved all-in and I obviously have to press call for my last 6000. He showed me quad nines. Sigh. I've only run top boat into quads like one other time in my career in live tournaments, and you hate to have it happen in a 10000 dollar event, but that's poker. I can maybe, maybe, maybe just call on the end against a good player but not against a spewy unknown who sees he has Aces full and is just gonna slam it.

Gonna relax. Event #2 actually has two starting days, and tomorrow is sold out. I'll take tomorrow off and play Sunday.


Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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