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London Update + Happy Mother's Day!

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: May 10, '08

Things have been great in London. I left off as we were headed out to a nightclub on Friday night. Mike, Adam and I took a cab down to the famous Picadilly Square area and then wandered into the Soho district. We hit some of the pubs around there and knocked down several pints of beer. We hadn't eaten dinner so we ate an 11 p.m. meal at this place called, appropriately, Adam's diner. After dinner we headed across the street to a place called "On Anon", which advertised itself as having 9 bars and 2 nightclubs inside. There were a bunch of different rooms not unlike Jet at The Mirage in Vegas. It was a really sick setup and a particularly cool name for a nightlife venue if you ask me.

We woke up Saturday afternoon around 1 p.m. We ate a late lunch at a place called The Brompton Quarter Cafe nearby our hotel. It was the best meal we've eaten so far. Afterwards, we decided to do the tourist thing because we felt we owed it to ourselves. We spent the day checking out a lot of the sites. We took the Underground into Westminster where Big Ben is located. We then took a flight on the famous London Eye ferris wheel. It was a pretty cool experience. Mike was nice enough to pay the 75 pounds for the ride after losing the flip. We obv paid for the fast pass to skip the line, and it proved to be a good play. Next we decided to hop on a double decker bus and just ride it for a while, as we had no idea where we were going. We got caught up in prop bets on the top of the bus and ended up venturing probably a little too far into the ghetto of London, if you will. We finally got off and caught a bus to the London Bridge. This, too, was a pretty cool area. We were able to see the London tower from here as well.

Finally, we headed back to change and then headed out to this place called "The Sports Cafe" which the concierge told us would be a good spot to watch last night's NBA games. We arrived at a pretty cool looking two story bar/club/restaurant but learned that they couldn't find the NBA game after searching for it on the satellite for like 45 minutes ajdkfhaksdjfhw998qwefadsafafe3hqwqkjq. We did have some beers and some pretty good burgers there. It was around 1 a.m. or so and we decided to call it a night a little early because we were tired.

Today is gonna be the nut though because we're going to the Chelsea vs. Bolton game. I've come out of sportsbetting retirement to bet Chelsea to cover two goals at plus 105 because I wanna really get into this game. Cover one time. The game kicks off in 3 and a half hours. We intend on drinking a ton at the game and then celebrating afterwards, England style.

Finally, Happy Mother's Day to my Mom and any other Mothers who may be reading.


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