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Leaving for London Tomorrow

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: May 07, '08

Soooo. My time in Birmingham was just great. I partied a little too hard as I always do when I come home and see my old friends. Saturday night after the crawfish boil we were out really late. Sunday I played online poker tournaments. On Monday I woke up kinda early and headed down to Tuscaloosa for a meeting I had with an academic advisor for The University of Alabama. As long time readers know, I am going to re-enroll one more time at the U of A in the fall. I'm switching to Business Management from the much less practical Civil Engineering degree I was originally striving for. I got some outstanding news when the advisor told me that all 56 of my credit hours that I've earned so far are applicable for the business degree. That means I really only have 4 semesters to complete to get my degree. That will fly by, I think. I'm honestly really excited about getting back down there as I promised myself that I would eventually get a degree and I won't be able to live with myself if I don't.

Later that night for Cinco de Mayo a big group of us headed to Superior Grill here in Birmingham. It is THE spot to be on May 5th each year. We ate some great food, had a ton of margaritas and had a blast. Around 1 a.m. we saw comedian Bill Bellamy when he came in with his entourage. He was in town doing a show or something. It was interesting to say the least. Yesterday and today I had some business to take care of around town. Last night I ate dinner with my Mom and sister Heather at a place called Costa's Italian that I highly recommend. Today I got to spend some time hanging out with my Dad. We made a day out of it first stopping off at a local bar/grill called Gilley's and playing several games of pool. Afterwards we headed back to his house and played this sickkkkkk addicting game called "Cornhole" (yea you read that right). I'm sure a lot of you have heard of this beanbag tossing game. Finally we watched some basketball, ate dinner, and called it a night.

For those looking for poker content, I don't have much from the last week. I played the late slate Sunday MTTs on the internet and went like 1 for 8 with only a small cash in the FTP main event. The day could've been salvaged though as I was just about to win another WSOP ME seat when this unbelievable pot went down. If I win this pot I can literally turn my computer off 65 seats away from the money and still get a seat. I am perfectly content with taking the pot down preflop at this point as I already have enough chips to get a seat, really. Notice how large my reraise is preflop and then notice that it's overcalled by a third party. Somehow this guy gets the money in with two jacks in a satellite here. Oh well. Bye bye 12500 cash.


Tomorrow Mike, Adam and I depart for London, England for a vacation of sorts. If I had it my way I'd leave my laptop and phone at home, but I have a feeling I might need them in case of an emergency. I don't plan on playing poker though. We'll arrive at Gatwick airport around 8 a.m. local time on May 9th. I don't think we have any real plans until we go see Chelsea take on Bolton in a Premier League futbol match on the 11th. We'll probably drink a lot of beer at the pubs and eat a lot of fish and chips. I'll have lots of updates. Can't wait. I was in London in September 2006 and really fell in love with the place.

Until then...


Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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