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On to Day 2 of WPT Championship with 42250

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: Apr 20, '08

Jesus what a day. It actually ended on a very high note. I drew a starting table with Steve Wong in the 1, Gavin Smith in the 2, a mega fish in the 3, me in the 4, Tim Phan in the 5, a very good young European in the 6, online player tiger72? in the 7, John Strzemp in the 8, a fishy amateur in the 9, and the consummate professional Ted Forrest in the 10. Phan and Wong were atleast 1 level late arriving. I didn't love my table, but I also didn't hate it when I saw it.

I took 51200 of the 50000 stack to the first break. In the second break things started going shitty. Ted and Gavin limped and I raised KQo to 1000. Gavin called and we saw J72 with two diamonds. Checked to me I bet 1600. Gavin called. Turn Ac. Check I bet 3400, Gavin checkraised to 8400, I folded.

I took 38000 to the second break after not winning a SINGLE pot for the 90 minute level.

Things continued to go horrid, as I absolutely could not win a pot. In the third level the nitty Strzemp raised up front, and I called 87dd in the CO in hopes of smacking it hard and cracking his likely overpair. Small blind called and tiger72 called in the BB. Flop came 753 with two spades. Strzemp bet 1200 into 2400 I settled on call. Tiger72 called. Turn 2 hearts putting 2 flush draws now. Checked to me and I had a brain collapse and made an awful only-3400 chip bet into 6000 when I knew Tiger72 had a frush draw and he'd shown the inability to lay down a hand at all. Earlier Tim Phan made a perfect, huge river checkraise on a paired board where a flush rivered and Tiger found a call with the nut flush and Tim was actually bluffing. Anyway, river offsuit Ace. Check-Check and he showed me AQss. He probably calls 6000 on the turn anyway, so maybe I saved chips.

I took like 24500 to the third break. Nothing went my way in the 4th level either. Ted and Gavin limped for 400 and I finally found black JJ and raised to 2000. Both called. Flop 995 with two spades. They checked, and I decided to check because there's a very good chance Gavin's limped hand contain a 9. Turn offsuit 8. Ted led a tiny 2500. Gavin called and I decided to overcall. River the 4 of spades. Checked to me, and I figured I'd check and win. Sadly, Gavin showed the 96cc and I lost again. Now I was at like 20 or so but lucky to lose so little with the two jacks there.

Things weren't anywhere close to over. I raised T9o and Tim called. Wong defended. Flop 975 two hearts. I bet 2300 and Phan called. Turn Kd putting 2 diamonds now, too. Check-Check. River black 9d. I valuebet 5400 and Phan quickly called. I sheepishly turned over top trips and he shows me J9ss ouch. I got down to 8500 at 2/400 (25) and picked up AKo UTG. The table had to think I was on monster tilt, so I settled on just moving in for 22 bbs. My hand is a little faceup, but given my image at that point I could actually get called by AQ believe it or not. Tim Phan called right behind me with TT. I was in for all my chips but the board came KxxKx. The very next hand Tim limped UTG a few joined and I checked J8dd. Flop 976 with two diamonds...zing. I bet out looking to 3bet all-in if I got raised. Tim called and the others folded. Turn was a gross black 9. I didn't think he had a 9 though. I bet 3400 and he called. River 8 dfjkhdfkjahksjfask; adsklfjda how can I miss? Checked and Tim thought before checking and turning up T9, so I even had a live Jack to win the pot on the turn. I then proceeded to go on a heater. I picked up two Aces against Gavin and reraised him. He folded. Then, I finally got lucky against Tim. He limped UTG with what he later told me was AA. 5 others joined and I checked Qc2d. We saw QT8 with two diamonds. Tim bet 2200 into the field. I really should fold, but he can bet a bunch here. I called. Turn 4s. Check-Check. River offsuit 2. I bet just 3000 as a level thing because I wanted him to think that I was bluffing and wanted it to look like a value bet. He called and mucked. At the very end of the night I raised Q8hh and Tiger and amateur called. Flop 998 with a flush draw. Checked to amateur who bet 3000 into 6200ish. I checkraised to 11000 hoping he'd jam. He folded.

Small miracle that I'm able to get out of there with 42250 after being down to 9000, so I'll take it. Hopefully draw a nice table tomorrow and get up to 100000 quickly.

Mike had a sick day and is at 140000, basebaldy 37000, and Adam has 15000 after getting crippled late, so all 4 of us who played made it through to day 2. Day 1 really doesn't matter much, so hopefully day 2 goes better. 3 and a half million to first.

We'll resume with blinds 4/800 (100) at noon tmw.


Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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