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Out of Bellagio 5000 just short of the money

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: Apr 17, '08

Meh. Played 13.5 hours to finish 25th with 18 of the 239 paying. Early on I had the misfortune of having Eugene Katchalov sit to my direct left. Luckily, we didn't tangle much, but I learned a lot just watching him play. Early on I made a pretty big laydown that turned out to be correct. 7 people limped to me in the BB at 25/50 and I checked QTss. The 8 of us saw Q94 with one diamond. I bet 250 and the UTG+1 limper, a guy on the nitty side, called. The others folded. The turn was the Qd for two diamonds now. I bet 600 into 900 and the guy again just called. The river was an offsuit 6. I decided to check and he thought for a bit before betting 2200 into 2100. I felt like I could only beat JT, and decided to just muck and keep my stack at 8500. The gentleman told me when he busted that he flopped a set.

I actually got up to about 50000 early after I slowplayed Aces for a big pot to bust Mike Gracz. I then bled for a little while and then rebounded to take a 1.1x average stack to the dinner break with 45 remaining. Things just didn't go my way after dinner. With 27 players left I had 39500 at 1500/3000 for the table redraw. I drew a death seat with Scotty Nguyen baby, online players Bakes and Thayer and Danny Wong all to my direct left. It'd be ok if they were all to my right because they're all active enough that I could move in over them. I ended up shoving 32000 from the cutoff with 33 and an incredibly intoxicated Scott Nguyen called all in for 20500. The others folded and Scotty showed AA. I doubled him up on a board of 55235. I got my final 10000 in with K5o against Danny Wong's KJo and missed. Danny will record an insane 5th cash of the series with his sure-to-be cash tonight.

I'm going to get some sleep, probably go to the gym, and then show up at Bellagio just in time for the start of the super satellite tomorrow at 1 p.m. If I bust from the super then I'll grind as many single table sats as I can and will probably play deep into the morning at Bellagio. I'll then take the rest of Saturday off and play day1b of the main event on Sunday.

I really couldn't ask for much more besides a win in the prelims. I'll take 3 final table appearances though. I hate that the prelims are over, but I'm ecstatic about the main event. I might be playing the best tournament poker of my career right now. My cash yesterday officially put me over the 2 million dollar mark in on paper gross tournament winnings, so I'm happy to reach that milestone. There's only about 120 men in the world that are in that fraternity. ::Subtle brag::


Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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