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lol Adam wins half a million, Cody wins LAPC 2500

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: Feb 18, '08

Talk about my friends owning. The other day my friend Cody "thugmoneymkr" Slaubaugh won the 2500 dollar event at Commerce for 85000 dollars. Sick. Then a day or two later Adam "csimmsux" Geyer finished 2nd in a 1000 dollar event at Commerce for 45000. Finally, Adam topped it all off with a 1st place finish in the FTOPS 2500 dollar buy-in event. He scooped an incredible 488000 dollars for that. It was really fun to watch as Adam played close to flawless over the course of the two day event. Eric "basebaldy" Baldwin also made a sick run in this event but had his AA go down to Daniel Alaei's AQdd before expiring in 23rd of the 800+ entrants. I played this event but never got anything going and finished in around 200th, well short of the 90 paying spots.

I played the 3 main events on the 3 big sites yesterday. I lost a redic pot in the million where I had about 1.3 times the avg. stack. I opened 44 from MP and a dude with a billion chips cold called the cutoff. The button moved in for 10BB, and I shoved my 40 or so BB over the top to isolate. The cutoff insta/turbo/snap made my head spin call with AQo and the button showed AKo, so I was in great shape to scoop a monster. The board came KTxJx to spite me and send me out like 1300th of 8000 entrants with 1000 paying. I bubbled the FTOPS main event yesterday as well, finishing 50 or so out of the money. I played very, very poorly and didn't even deserve to make it that far. I did have a great day at cash and made about 4 buy-ins. I played a very fun match against a super aggro opponent. I probably should have quit him earlier in the session, but it worked out and I was just really having fun with it as we were both pretty deep.

Finally, I did an interview with Pokerroad radio last night. It was the Big Sundays show that was hosted by Scott Huff and guest host Shane Schleger. Both of these men are extremely bright, so it was a blast to do the show. If you go to and click on the radio part you should be able to find your way to the interview. I guess my cell phone reception was crappy or I'm mumbling, because some of what I say is fairly inaudible. I beileve I first start talking about 30 minutes into the hour episode, but listen to the whole thing as there is some great discussion from Shane and Scott. I also did an interview live with Gary Wise last week that hopefully some of you caught on his site,

Last night after sweating Adam I had to study for a Surveying test that I had this morning at 8 a.m. I grinded through a few hours of studying, got a few hours of sleep, and I would be surprised if I didn't Ace the test. Weeeeee. Between classes now, but I have to run.


Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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