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Week 2 of School Done + Heading to Tunica

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: Jan 18, '08

Soooooooo week two of school is over. I think that means like 10 percent of the semester is complete. Nice. Things are going fairly smoothly so far. I am yet to miss a class, so that is a small miracle. The material is very, very difficult, so not going to class is probably a recipe for disaster. As long as I can squeak by then I'll be happy. I didn't return to school with the intention of making all A's. Last night my long-time college friend Matt Brown and I went out to this cool little bar called Cheap Shots. I was a Houndstooth regular in the past, but the world famous bar was demolished yesterday and will be rebuilt within 6 months. Anyway, Cheap Shots has this gangsta' chalkboard with all of the shot concoctions (sp?) listed. This is our second time to go to this bar, and we've made it our goal to finish each and every shot (including the intimidating "252") as soon as possible. We took several last night and could've done more but all the bars in Tuscaloosa close at 2 a.m. This is a sick law that everyone has been lobbying to get changed. The only exception, I think, is Friday when they're open all night. I got home and had to get up this morning for my 10 a.m., the only class I have on Fridays. I drove around for #$#$^#*# 10 minutes and couldn't find a parking spot, so I decided to take my Tahoe over a curb onto the grass. The parking nazis didn't like that and pwnt me for a 25 dollar ticket, unlucky.

Poker is on the up and up. I'm averaging probably 15-20 hours a week playing heads up cash online. I'm learning everyday, and I'm fairly happy with how things are going. I am still years (and hundreds of thousands of hands) behind some of these great young online cash game players, but I've been speaking with some of them and trying to improve my game as quickly as possible. If I can maintain anywhere near the winrate that I've had so far to start 2008, it will be a very successful year online. Maybe I'll post some HHs or something later, because I feel bad about the lack of poker content in my blog now. I'm not a big fan of posting brag win amounts or embarrasing loss amounts anymore though, as I think a lot of that is my personal business. I know a lot of people loveeeeeeee numbers and a lot of poker players are posting them, so maybe I can be talked into it. I appreciate those of you who are genuinely interested in reading about the life stuff, too. It is incredibly rewarding to be getting stuff done and still making money at the same time. I almost can't explain it in words. I've been eating very healthy and have dropped some more pounds since I last posted. I've exercised twice this week, and I'd like to get one more session in before the end of the week. Also, Tim and I are playing some Wii still, and we've been playing pool and ping pong in the Rec room a few times. This balance feels very nice. My mother and I are going to Tunica this weekend where I'll be playing the bi-annual WSOPC circuit event there. Last time I played this event in September? I finished 15th, so I'd like to improve on that. The field should be pretty soft since a lot of guys are still in Australia. Also, the stops in Mississippi are easily the softest fields in the US big buy-in events. I'll update this weekend if The Grand has internet access. Updates might also be available on

I'm going to try to update my webpage as it's very outdated. I know I've promised this tons of times. The problem is I have to call my web designer and that takes a lot of effort. The format of this blog is really shitty, so I apologize for the inability to put many paragraphs, etc. The Jeff Sealey link (NSFW don't click it) on the side of the page used to be his blog when paradise poker existed, but now its been taken over by a gay porn site, I guess.


Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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