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Out of EPT PCA

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: Jan 05, '08

a;trm,ndffdfjkskjoa;. I drew a table with Ted Lawson in the 1, Tom West in the 2, me in the 3, Danny Wong in the 4, online player Believer82 in the 5, Dale Pinchot in the 8, and unknowns in the 6 7 and 9 seats. This is a retarded draw to pick up in a tournament like the PCA where the field as a whole is so weak. Believer82 played pretty much flawlessly all day. We lost Danny pretty early after he got coolered a couple times. I'm out with a few minutes left in the fifth level of the day. In the first orbit Ted Lawson raised the button to 400 at 50/100. I found AQo in the SB and raised to 1450. DW folded the BB and TL quickly called. Flop T73r. I bet 2100 and Ted thought and called. Turn 5. Check-bet 3000. I folded and Ted turned over top set'a tens, and I was down to 16500 already. I played very poorly in level 2, making a bad call on the end with my AA. I also made what I now feel is a bad value raise on the end in a pot. Tom West open limped in EP, and I limped behind with black fours. We took the flop 6 handed with 1200 in the middle. We all checked around to a final board of Ts9s2cJh4h. Tom bet 750, and I raised to a tiny 1700. This raise is ok on the end against like 95 percent of the players but not against a fantastic player like Tom where I'll very rarely get called by a worse hand. He called with 87s and I valuetowned myself. I limped into level 3 with 9000ish. I hung around that stack until the end of level. I doubled through for my final 5500 or so with black nines against KQdd AIPF. I took 13700 to the 4th break and actually got all the way back to 18000. I bled in level 5 and then the bust hand came up. I had 10200ish or so and found AKo in the HJ. I raised to 1700 and had 4 internet guys behind me, so I was praaaaaaaying to get RRd. obv the Euro in the BB just called though. The flop was QT7. The guy checked and I bet 3400 of my last 8500. Shove would've been fine, too, and I considered it. The guy shoved, I called obv, and he showed me the gross 77. I actually turned the magic Jack but the river was a Ten.

Flight scheduled back for Tuesday with school starting Wednesday. I might move it up to Monday. Jon, Eric and I are out but Adam Geyer and Mike Katz are still alive as of the last level of the night. We'll probably skip all the online stuff and go outside if the weather is nice tomorrow. It's been shitty to this point. Probably about to get drunk and watch the NFL game with bassssssssssebaldy Baldwin.


Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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