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On to Day 3 with 96600

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: Dec 14, '07

I'm on to day 3 with 96600. There are 152 or so players left and 100 will get paid. The average is 130000. I arrived to find a kind of gross starting table. Mark Gregorich was to my direct left in the 8, John Murphy in the 10, Kyle "grafyx" Hegeman in the 1, Scott Fischman in the 2, David Ulliott in the 3, and Ted Forrest in the 4. On the 3rd hand I raised a pot up front with AQ and DU defended from the SB. It came J83 or something, and I c-bet 3600 of my 12600. DU shoved and I folded. I got as low as 6600 chips at 4/800. TF open limped in the CO, the SB completed, and I shoved my 6600 with A7o. TF called with J9o, and my tournament was at stake. The board came 988Ax to double me. I won another pot or two in the first level and ended with 25600. We went to the 5/1000 (100) level. I got off to a hot start. On one of the first hands back, Ted Forrest raised up front, and I found KK in the cutoff. I'd already reraised Ted twice, so I had some thinking to do. If I RRd Ted for a third time, I felt like he had to believe I had the nut. Although, he could shove out of spite if I did it again. I finally decided Ted is too, too good to shove out of spite. I gambled and just called. It came 973r. He checked, and I bet 5100. He raised to 12000. I moved in for 9000 more, and he mucked fairly quickly. Next, I raised with AsQh to 2900 from MP and SF called in the SB. It came K83 with two hearts. Check-check. The turn was the Jh. Scott bet 5000, and I called. The river was the 4h. Scott checked, and I thought and then moved in for his 19000 total. He thought for a minute or two and made a good fold. In the same orbit, I raised with red Jacks in earlyish position and JM cold called 3000 of his 23000 or so from MP. Scott thought for 30 seconds and then moved in for 20500. I moved in over the top and Scott showed me 4x4h. The board came a heartbreaking xxxx4. Scott and I both sat there motionless, but it knocked me down to 30000 instead of the preferred 80000. I bled for a while and was at 17000. I raised UTG to 3000 of my 18000 with QQ. A nitty unknown UTG+2 raised to 9000. It was folded back to me, and I knew I should fold. There was a chance he had AK though, so I finally moved in for 7000 more. He snapped me off with AA, and for the second time in the tournament the dealer found a magic 2 outter on the Qxx flop. This time it was for all my chips. I felt like it was somewhat deserved after the JJ vs 44. On the very next hand in the BB, the same player moved in from UTG+1 for his last 4200 chips. Devilfish called and the button slammed his last 20000 in the middle. I slowly sweated the Ks and then the Kd! and moved all-in. Devilfish folded. The tiny stack had AQcc and the button had TT. I had them dead on the turn on a board of Kxxx. All of a sudden I was around 70000 again. I lost a 46000 chip race with AK vs a guy's 99 in the third level and was back down to around 40. I doubled through again, however. It was folded to me in the SB at 6/1200. I found JsJh and raised to 3500. The BB, a fairly tight player, called. The flop came Jc6s4s. I bet 4500. He quickly flipped a 10000 chip in and said raise. After some thought, I finally reraised him the minimum 5500 more. He instantly announced all-in for my 25000 more, and I called. He showed me Jd7s, and all I needed to fade was any combination of 5-3 or 5-8. The turn was a red Q to ice it. Next, I raised the CO with ATo and grafyx shoved 16BB or so from the BB. He acted quickly, and I felt he could really have ATC, especially since he's a good online player. I called and was almost right, he showed AJo. Brick. John Phan, Huck Seed and Theo Tran were all moved in, and the table got even sicker. I beat my buddy John out of several pots in the fourth and fifth levels. It was strange, because I was trying to avoid him and the other pros at all costs. I just kept picking up the goods against him. I was up to 145000 or so and got in with QTdd against his KQss on JT74 for a 60000 chip pot. If I held, I'd be around 200000, but the river was a 9 and I was down to 110. I returned to around 130000 but lost one more big race against the gentleman to my right when my AK couldn't outrun his JJ. I finished the night with 96600. If you told me I'd have 96600 when today started, I'd've said lock it up.

On a sidenote, I'm really sick with a cold. I sneezed probably 15 times at the table today, and I feel like shit. I took medicine all day today, and I took some more tonight when I got home. Hopefully I can fight it off and tomorrow will be easier to get through than today. I feel really good about this tournament. Hopefully I can accumulate tomorrow and have an easy table.

Last night I went to Tool. I bought two tickets off eBay but then had like 8 people say they weren't interested in going. That said, I dragged Stephanie to the show. The hardest music Stephanie listens to is probably Carrie Underwood, generally. The show was just ok in my opinion. I really like Tool's hard music, and they just weren't that hard last night. Also, they took long breaks between songs where they just slowly played guitar and drums. I did have a good time though. Lots of poker players are Tool fans, so I expected to see some of them out there. I did bump into Ozzy87 and Empire2000.

Also, here is a link to an interview I did with my friend Lizzy Harrison. I really enjoyed it. Please, check it out. You'll probably have to copy and paste because the format of this blog sucks.


Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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