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Satellited into Main Event, Playing Tomorrow

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: Dec 11, '07

I'm in the main for around 7400 total after last longers and all that jazz. I played 3 single tables total and two of the megas. Too tired to give much detail. The satellite I won ended around 12:30 a.m. tonight. I was 3 handed with Steve Zolotow and Robert Cheung. I ran super hot, sucking out 3 times. My QTo > Francois Safieddine's AKhh AIPF to bust him. My QJ > AQ AIPF against some guy and my QThh > Steve's AJss AIPF. I got HU with RC and picked up better cards than him in the huge blinds and that was that. RC is a great player and always fun to play with. Maybe I'll run this hot tomorrow. I think tomorrow's field will be much, much softer than day 1b. I'd really like for things to go well. There's a good chance I'm going to return to the University of Alabama in the spring to knock out a semester, so it might be my last live poker tournament for quite some time. Follow it live at of course. Also, congrats JC Tran for winning the 5000 for half a million. He beat Godsmack's lead singer, Sully Erna hu. With this win JC will move to second in the POY race. David Pham will only have to fade a main event fifth place or better finish from JC Tran, second place or better finish from Jon Little, or a win from Bill Edler to clinch the 2007 POY. Scott Clements is still mathematically alive but last week stated that he won't be playing the main event because it's his wife's birthday. It'd be fun to see one of said three guys get deep to give us all a sweat. Oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee time please 2 and a half million dollars for me.


Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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