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Out of Bellagio 3000

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: Dec 06, '07

Sigh. Out 80thish with 27 of the 310 paying. Doubled up early against a clown with AKss vs his ? when I 3barrel valued AKss on Js2s2h9s7s. I got moved to a new table with MattG1983 and a bunch of unknowns. I bled for a while before a very interesting pot came up. The villain is a very good, quiet player named Mark Calzadillas. MC was in the final 4 with basebaldy from the day before, and I was almost positive I picked up a strength tell from him as I railed that FT. MC limped in EP, and I made a very light limp for 200 of my 8000 chips with 64ss. This is not a hand I'm the second limper with often, but I wanted to play a pot with the two unknowns that were in the BB. The button called, and 5 of us saw a Ts7s4d flop. MC bet 600 into 1000, and I got the same strength vibe from MC. I didn't want to play for all my chips right here, so I called. The button called. The turn was an interesting 8c. Now I had a pair, a frush draw, and a double gutter. MC checked, and after some thought, I decided to bet 1800 into 2800. The button folded, and MC eventually raised me all-in for my last 5500. I went into the tank for a long, long time before calling all-in for the sick numbers. I expected to see a two pair minimum hand from MC, but I really didn't wanna (or expect to) see 65s for a straight. He showed me 77 and I rivered a red 5 for a straight. Weeee. I got moved to a table with ZeeJustin two to my right, Stan Jablonski, and an uberaggressive Scandinavian to my direct right. Later, Erica Schoenberg got moved over and became the most attractive player at the table. The table was playing very fast, so I decided I was going to nit it up and bet only for value. I raised JsJx up front to 600 at 1/200 (25). The SB called and a bad sixty-something Euro in the BB called. The flop came T8x with two spades. They checked, and I bet 1250. The Euro called. The turn was an offsuit 7. The Euro checked, and I finally decided to check for pot control, and I didn't wanna be CRd AI. The river was an offsuit Q. The guy checked, and I bet 2600 for value. He instantly called. I showed and he showed me Q9o. Oh. Nothing else happened. I blinded to death waiting to repop at the aggro table, and could never be the first to get my money in. I eventually shoved ATss into a dudes AxJs and missed on K9xJx. Oh well good run at it. I also did an interview with my friend Lizzy Harrison of Cardplayer magazine that should be up on the website in the next couple of days. After I busted I watched the TNF game in the sportsbook with the guys. Then, we went to Moon at The Palms and just got in. The Seniors event is going on tomorrow, and I am not 55 years old, so I won't be playing. I'll be relaxing.

Congrats Marco "CrazyMarco" Johnson for finishing second to David Pham in yesterday's 2500. MJ is a fearless young guy who treats the game and other players with respect. He deserves this and I hope to see more young guys like him in our business.


Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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