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Out of 2500 in 11th + Mike wins 2000 event

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: Nov 29, '07

Sigh. Same old story. Flirt with the real money. We played 14 hours, and I brought home 6800ish. Atleast I'm heating up, I guess. I'm exhausted and don't feel like recalling too many hands. I was above average for the first 6 hours or so until a sick one came up. An unknown raised to 2500 from MP and 2002 WSOP bracelet winner Jack Duncan called on the button. I found QQ in the BB and raised to 11500. The first guy folded and the seventy-something Duncan insta-backraised all-in for 24500 total. I of course had to call and he showed me AJcc. It goes without saying how bad 4betting AI here with AJ high and no FE is, but I was very glad to have him in this spot for a 55000 chip pot at 4/800. This hand is eerily similar to the hand that crippled me in the Borgata ME where people just don't believe me. The board came x x x A x though, and I was down to 13000. The very next hand Kenna James raised to 3000, and I found AA in the SB. I moved in for 13000 and he called with 99. The board bricked, and I was still alive. I battled uphill for the rest of the tournament for the most part. With 26 left and 18 paying I was about two-third avg stack. I got a miracle draw with 3 tables left with all unknowns except for Stan Jablonski and some dude I've played with before. The other table was stacked with online greats, JC Tran, ZJ, etc. Anyway, I was raising and reraising just about every pot for an orbit or two. A guy I'd been playing with all day opened in the cutoff to 3200ish, another guy called, and I shoved in for my 30000ish with AQ in the BB. The guy in the cutoff insta-turbo-spite-fell out of his chair calling all-in for 25000 with A9cc. Oh. I held and was now well above average. A minute or so later I made a mistake when I RRd a guy too light AI and he called me with QQ. I was down to 27000ish now at dinner break with 26 left. We came back and it took like 2 hours to get down to 18. I got up to around 95000 after my A4o doubled through Kenna's KQo. With 11 left the nightmare-busto hand came up. With blinds 1500/3000 (500) I had around 60000 after I lost a pot to Michael Pesek in a blind/blind war. I opened to 8000 UTG 5 handed with KTo and Tom Scheider was tanking on the button. Dutch Boyd raised to 28000 out of turn in the SB, and we had to call the floor. Dutch's action is non-binding, and after a few moments Tom just called. It was a really sick spot, and finally Dutch just called as well. Pesek tossed in the BB and we saw a T42r flop. When Schneider just called, I told myself he had 77, 88, or 99. I thought he would still raise the pot with JJ+ and AK or AQ despite Dutch's action. I intended on c'raising AI now that all these shenanigans happened. Dutch checked, I checked and Tom checked. Now Tom never has JJ+. The turn was the 6c. Dutch checked, and after a long thought I bet 17500 of my 52000ish. Tom thought and then raised to 40000. Dutch folded, and I finally decided to go with it because Tom's tank seemed legitimate, there's a chance he picked up a flush draw on the turn, and I am getting insane numbers. He showed the yucky top set of tens though, and I was drawing dead. The stars really have to align for me to go broke in this pot if you think about it.

Mike won the 2000 event for a sick payout. We are all crushing. Hopefully it continues. Every waking moment the last 4-5 days has been playing poker, but I'm enjoying it to be honest. Hopefully I can make something happen in the 3000 dollar event tomorrow.


Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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