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Out of WPT Borgata

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: Sep 18, '07

Hmm. Out in 73rd place or something outside of the money. I think I played close to perfect for 2.5 days. My original table broke with 90 players left, and I got moved to a table with Alan Goehring, the chipleader, to my direct right. I had 265000 at the time with the average around 170000. On my fifth hand at the table the hijack opened for 11500 at 2500/5000 (400). An active online player reraised to 34500 in the cutoff. Alan folded the button, and I found AhKc in the SB. I raised to 139500. The BB and HJ quickly folded. The kid in the cutoff, John Kranyak, went into the tank for 5 long minutes. Finally he announced AI for 75000 more. I called of course. He showed me AcQh. The board came Qc Tc 4h 8c x. I didn't say a word. I don't know what to say. It was a 520000 chip pot, and I would be third in chips. The reality is I've made a million dollars playing this game, poker, because people DO put 250000 chips in with AQo as 3:1 dogs. I knew after he thought so long that he had AQ, and I was really hoping he would jam. Obv instead of having all the chips though I was crippled to 15100. I was sick because I spent the whole day playing small pots and playing them well. I wasn't going to play a huge pot without it. On the very next hand I was AI on the button with AJo vs the SB's ATo, and the board came A757Q to split. I am likely not going to Turks and Caicos now. I am too devastated to play another poker tournament before Aruba. If my hand holds, I think I win the 1.6 million.

Probably on the next flight out of here to Memphis.


Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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