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Out of Venetian 2500

by Shannon Shorr |  Published: Jul 10, '07

I lasted 45 minutes. I shoved 10BBs from the button with Q6ss and both blinds folded. I was at around 19000 when I raised T7ss from MP to 4200. A guy called right behind me, oops. The flop came Kc Js 4h. I was willing to check out. I checked and he checked. The turn was the joker, Qs giving me an OESD and flush draw. I led out 7000 of my last 15000 and he instafolded, to my delight. I then picked up AKss UTG and raised to 4200 of my 26000ish stack. A young guy who was a total nit called in the cutoff. I told myself if I don't flop a flush draw or an Ace or King The flop came J66. I checked and he instabet 10000. I folded. I was at 22400 when the bust hand came up in the SB. A guy opened for 5500 and then a bad player called. I knew the bad player had 22-55. I found A8cc in the SB at 8/1600 (200) and squeezed for my 22400. The first guy folded and then the guy made a suspect call with 3h3d for 16900 more in a pot of 19500. The player who opened claimed to have folded KTcc :( The board came Kh Qh 5s 4h x.

We're back home and about to watch the MLB All-Star game. Tonight, Stephanie and I are eating dinner at Voodoo at Rio. Tomorrow I'll play the Bellagio Cup Main Event.


Shannon Shorr is a professional poker player from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He finished fourth in the Card Player 2006 Player of the Year race. You can follow his progress at

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